how to send crystals

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i wont to know how to send crystals to my friends,pls reply if you know thx!:)


There is no way to send crystals to any other player through an in-game system.
you cant send anybody crystals because it is not a part of the game.

There is no way to send crystal to another account sorry


actully nobody now how to send crystals and there is also no way

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what if u cant just make an account and share the crystals into ur main account, that would solve the problem.


The function of "gifts" is to send greeting message to your friends. They don't provide crystals to the reciever.


You can only access test server when it is open for mass testing. You'll be able to create your account and access the test server.

U can't share crystals, cause then you could just creat fake acounts and give starting crystals to real acount.

you can not send crystals becuase it dont work ladys and gents

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