Client not loading properly after Update of 3/2/2017

PracticeParkourStunt 4 года назад обновлен Sia 4 года назад 3

Ever since the update of customizable controls in Tanki Online, the Tanki client does not seem to load at all. It is stuck to this:

I tried:

Closing and reopening client several times.

Checked if there was any updates (There wasn't any updates so I doubt it wouldn't work due to that)

Redownloaded the client (it worked first, but after closing it, the problem restarted)

Deleting the cache (cough, why would I do this?)

and my Firewall is not blocking Tanki Online.

So: Help?



Follow the steps below.

  1. Uninstall the game client.
  2. Go to: %APPDATA%/../Roaming/TankiOnline
  3. Delete "Local Store" folder.
  4. Re-install the game client.

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