how do you get a test server code

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The test servers are only open for mass testing when a huge player base is needed to test an update. Though otherwise testing is help privately only for Testers to take part in, this is why you were prompted to give an invite code, as only official Testers have it. To apply you must speak fluent Russian among other things, and may fill out the application here: Application.

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invite code is boring thin because it stop to play in test servers


please say me test tankionline invite code 2016


why cant you get a code if you dont speak russin


can any one tell the test server code


Could u guys make it possible for the english community also get the invite codes. It will be more gender biased if only giving to russians.


Tanki Online should have the test servers open all the time so new players know theres a place to practice their skill and so other players can play anytime they want to or just feel like it


every sever should be open to all players


no code pls code pls tell me code pls valid code dont working


pls invite code test server join plz


What is Tanki Online Test Server code ?


dude, how do u know this stuff u r awesome, can i friend you in tanki?


Hey.guys there is a test server code.And yea,i speak Russia,I said to the admins that it's not fair that only Russians get the invite code,in the future they will probably give the code only to the players that have skills at the game and not at some noobs that they don't know how to play the game,cuz they will mess around and just destroy the test server.That's why we are not giving the code to noobs.

Also in each game there is man that is watching how the tankers play and the tankers that are good at the game they get the invite code to test their skills!



please give me code for tanki online test server


what the hell is the code you noobs


Opex is the invite code.... but, I dont know the password


the test server code for RU1 is Opex its not Opex-Rah no more


when i make an acc in test server it loads and says server conection closed or something like that


But the test server for us playing and have fun also the weak training to be better all play in test for have a nice time plz we need the code and open the test not for a long time i really want to play in test server and i wait it to open from week to anther plz say the code and open for 3 hours only every week or 2 and thx


how with me say to know how many one need the test server


will some one tell me the invite code to server 2 or 3 it has players on now??



pls tanki give me the code of RU2 of test server pls


the code is Opex RU2 for server 2 and Opex 55 for server 3

lets see it helps


can tanki post cod during the chats


someone sends me the codigoo want to enter the tanki online test server pufff want munhito enters puuff send me the code I am a game I like to play tanki munhito


Pls, give all the codes of the servers, i will play, i have it see on youtube. i will play tanki online test server, give now the pass


who the pass need on server1, 2 en server3 = Opex of Opex 55 of i wrong with pass


just saying this is my noob account i have different accounts on Generalissimo


give me my codes or i will not play


What Is the code for RU2 or RU3?? I Want To Play My Acc Again

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