Does subway still support tanki with Gift Cards so people can buy crystals?

Jiangero_gold 6 лет назад обновлен Yulian544 4 года назад 12
Can I buy crystals with a sybway gift card


Yes I always buy with subway giftcards :)
Yes I always buy with subway giftcards :)

I really want to buy crystals with a gift card does it still work?= yes you said but what payment option do you use?

Is this still an option? I'm trying to use a Subway card and I do not have the Openbucks option any more.

no i cant find it . i hope it comes back in the game because thats what i buy from


There are some expected issues with payment options. Gift cards will take some time to return. They will be back though.

How long does it usually take for them to come back? and will gift cards be availble in tanki x?

I always used to buy with Subway gift cards. I saved up my money, and I used to buy so many golds. I really wish they will be back soon!!!!!

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