how long is any single tile on the ground texture?

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it is useful to know how long a tile on the game is, because by knowing the real length of the tile you can estimate the distance of effective fire range of turrets. For example, the range of max damge of thunder m0 is 51.17 meters, so if a length of tile is 10 meters, the numbers of these tiles will be 5. So you can have  a good estimate of the distances.



It is NOT that much swift reply,Is it? The delay time to get the answer is 3 months.

And 1more thing to say is, give the "Map Dimensions" access to puplic. or give it to the knowledge base.

But, Anyways it was all in all good.

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But, The link says i dont have the permision to view it.
The article will be added to our Knowledge base soon.

Plz give me the link if u have added it to the knowledge base. if not give me the wiki link, the given one in ur reply doesnt work or i cant access it

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