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If you are using another account on the same computer, you can still use your tanki account. I have been experiencing the fact, that even though I ask it to remember me, it never does. Same thing with options. I like to disable mouse controls, but it never remembers. On that matter, I can only access the main page through links that pop up in the game. If I type in "tankionline.com/en" it only brings me to the tutorial.

Is this because I am using a different account on a local computer? Or because the game isn't working properly?

Please let me know. If you ask what computer I am using, I am using a chromebook.




Are you using private/incognito mode of the browser or have you selected "Don't Remember History" from the browser settings?


No I do not. I always use normal tabs. Thanks for asking though!


Do you clean your computer every day with some cleaning utilities such as CCleaner?


Try clicking " remember me " when you put your in-game password or use other browsers but I would recommend you using Standalone Flash Player because it is quicker. Try to do like 1 account for 1 specific browser.


Thank you everyone for your voices. I use chrome(yes some of you may say it sucks, but it's the only web browser I've got), but I do not have cleaning utilities. I do not know what a cache is although it sound familiar. I see a moderator is searching for an answer(I think). I do not know how to reset the browser on a chromebook. Thank you everyone for your suggestions within the last 2 weeks.


Do you delete all your files from %temp%? and if yes then it deletes all your history of google chrome and all other browsers.


No I do not reset my files. I also can not reset chrome, because I can not let my father know about this.

Thank you again everyone.


Thank You everyone! I do not require assistance anymore. It just suddenly seemed to be working.

Thank you everyone again.

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