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When I'm trying to report a player, it says "Chat Command Failed" so i do it again, it still doesn't work, so i don't know what to do.


Make sure you type the nickname correct. Example: /vote Adequacy

My friend needs help! ok so Noob_BG threated to ban my friend bowdoinboys cause Noob_GB asked for his password to his account (my friend said fake one) and now Noob_GB took video of comment to tr to ban bowdoinboys and he said if he don't give the password he will ban bowdoinboys. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?

Chat violations reports are no longer accepted on forum. He can not get your friend banned, but what your friend and Noob_BG did is ban able. You should NEVER share password with anyone even if it's fake. As for now, tell your friend to simply ignore Noob_BG, to do that,  right-click on his user-name and click on "Ignore". PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE!

oOo_BartaKing_oOo he have shooting hack :3 please watch him :3 and banned

What if I report someone accidently who is not hacker then what happens?

Do i get banned then?


Before banning the players, the Battle Moderators crew will closely check the evidence you sent to them. If it's found that the person is a hacker then he will be banned or else nothing will happen.


There is This Guy hacking allot With Garage he used to be my friend but not anymore

Amberdina he borrowed me his profile to use while he was away I ranked it up got 1 million crystals from containers then when he came back he changed his password deleted me as friend and he said he will bann my account because he knows my password

If your account has been stolen, contact Tech Support through this form.

Noty account, but my friend wanted to sell his account. And the buyer of the account scammed him. He doesn't want the account back. He just wants gis account get blocked. I got proofs too.

REPORT huKA-HET he is ruining my parkout for my yt video and he is speed hacking and following me even when i leave battle HACKS: SPEED HACK, NO RELOAD.

Hello! You have to record the players hacks/sabotage and post it in the 'games violation section' on the RU forum. Click here to learn more.

Hello, Some thing that makes me... :(  I been Playing SO LONG and earned many thing But NOW everything GONE 


okay so people are stealing my containers :( I had like about 562 or 563 :( also my crystles i had about  100,000 something.. so admin can i get everything BACK...  

User: TheGhostAnimator_2

😢 I Am Serious... :(

Hey, if you have lost crystals/exp/items from your account, please contact our Technical Support team using this form. They will help you out in no time! ;)

More info.

Hi, I am reporting a player, When I Was Playing in Team DeathMatch, There was a person that had wasp and striker with white paint named User: IVzrive     He Said He Will Report me Because  I will report Him, soo... I am speaking the truth that I did not do anything wrong if u check my account.           Problem: When he is supposed AIM for seconds with striker,he just looks at me with his tank and just shoots me like in a second.. 

i want to report a player case because he want to report me

Hey, unfortunately, you can't report players for such a reason, unless it breaks the Game Rules.

How to report a violator?

Test server is the worst! It took one hour for the page to come up and took all of my charge !!!!!!!!

Hey, Test Servers are meant for "testing" purposes an may not be stable as the main servers.

Read more them here.

why cant I buy kits from the garage?

yo answer me its emergency

Hey, they are available in the Shop; please find them there.

by the way i want to become admin so i can get juggernaut in my garage. :)

if you guys give me juggernaut in my garage, I will invite hundreds of player to play the game tanki online.I will tell them to buy lots of item from shop i promise. I will even keep it secret. i wont tell anyonethat you guys gave me juggernaut. please just fulfill my wish. If i actually get the juggernaut in my account forever I will cry. Please!!!

by the way i want to become admin so i can get juggernaut in my garage. :)

if you guys give me juggernaut in my garage, I will invite hundreds of
player to play the game tanki online.I will tell them to buy lots of
item from shop i promise. I will even keep it secret. i wont tell
anyonethat you guys gave me juggernaut. please just fulfill my wish. If i
actually get the juggernaut in my account forever I will cry. Please!!

Hey, to become an Administrator, you should first apply to become a Helper of the game here. After you become a Helper, it depends on your performance and the need for a new administrator for a Helper team. And getting Juggernaut in Garage is not an administrator's perk, unfortunately; though you might find them in a staff member or administrator's account, for reasons not publicly available. I'm sorry to break this to you.

i want to report a player name Minions . he using a app like heesolver in matchmaking battle . he using striker but he shotting dont having leser light and he run very fast using hunter hull .

Why Is Tanki Online SO SLOW it takes a loooooooooooooooooong time to load and by the way, My internet is reaaly good but still!   fix it plz


I Just Hadded To Say That!

Hi TheGhostAnimator, please clear cache (Browser/Client) and check if your computer has enough RAM available when the game is running.

i want to talk about why i is juggernaut in juggernaut mode. i fly at sky . it self-destruted!?

please unblocked my account my account is been suspended because have someone hack my account!

i want report nikita53 he hacking turret thunder shooting one times only all tanks just die while my teammates using titian hull . he hull is max helth . the thunder just shooting one times mk4 he die

Hey, please submit Game Violation Reports here. Please read more information here.

Have a good day!

why tanki online every times is not responding!





Hello Admins, WT# is wrong with tanki online Why In EVERY battle I t doesn't let me DAMAGE with that More other people are have the same issues Too! Admins DO SOMETHING TANKI IS GOING DOWN NOW!!!WHY IS TANKI LIKE THIS >:(


tanki online please fix the bark of not responding!!!

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDksFeqY8CI This Video Was Made By Some One So Please Fix The GAME! Keeps Say ( RESTART ).....

tanki online HTML5 new . while i join a matchmaking battle it self-destruted why? and how i shooting anyone no damage . one is stuck averytime. so i can say HTML5 new is bad server. flash is better than it.

tanki online event mode i saw have 2 juggernaut at the kolhoz evend mode.

tanki online i saw again a hacker using fly hack to a bulding in matchmaking bettle.it name is kot_White_brat.blocked it account he troll me to self-destruct!

Tanki online please undo the auto self-destruct.because in parkour i every time self-destruct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tanki online i say please disable the auto self-destruct!

I would like to report someone who left in a group (in the html5 version) and than didn't get on tanki for like 3 weeks! His name is werf4.

Thank you 


tanki online WT# pls disable the auto self-destruct and not responding why now is like this old no

i say don not responding do the tanki online hear #.i was very angryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, could you please provide more details? A video recording is highly appreciated!

there is a hacker in the test server named test_nevergang he makes it so he can move increadibly fast and loads cyclone alt really fast PLS., PLS ban him!!!!!!!

Hey, unfortunately, there is no way to report violators in the Test Server.

Hello, Nothing that serious but for some reason i keep getting 125 mines And 125 batteries every time i am opening containers. So please Mr. Adab_Online Please help me on that.

User: Ghost_Animator-GOD

Hi, Containers drop items randomly, there is no known system or pattern for it. Please read more about it here.

Hello, In Halloween Battle i got A Lot Gold boxes and then when i go to Special it says i cached 0/35 golds why!?!? :(  Please help 


Hello, did you check the 'Special' missions tab before starting to collect the Gold boxes?


Hello, I just wanted to Report a player who is hacking. he keeps hopping and hopping like he never stops hopping. Hes User Is: i_am_lagging. Please Do Something About It. It's Not Fun when there is a hacker in a game. thanks you.


Hello, thank you for being vigilant. However, please read this to learn how to correctly report such players.


mahbob.Afghan1 is typing bad words when I was in the middle of the game. Please BAN him. :(


Chat violations can no longer be reported unfortunately and you will simply have to ignore that player until they add the ignore option into HTML5.

Best regards

I saw a player (Apa6_228) who was having jump hack( It was not hopper jump augument) he was jumping like million times, he didn't touch the ground once in the whole rugby map, kindly verify and scan his account to clear his hacks which are spoiling the game.

hello, i wanted to know how i am open a ultra container , but he lagging at there i just closed the game and start the game . i don have received any rewards and the ultra container have gone . :( . one time again i will don play this game forever

Hey, you did receive your reward, you just did not see it because your tanki crashed. If you want to know what you got from your ultra container, please send an email to help@tankionline.com

Mention the date and time that you opened the ultra container.

Let me know if you need any more assistance. 

Best regards,


Hello, I just wanted to ask Will this paint stay forever in My Account And Garage? it came in my garage out of no where... plz help.

hello I am master p1 a normal tanki online player and a player by the name of be something something something I can’t remember the last of it is what I think bulling me because of my name saying that Master means godly and that I brag about how good I am. I am not I am just here to play a very fun game.

Hey, I can feel you, those could get really annoying at times. But sadly, there is no way to report chat violations in our EN community. Please kindly ignore such messages or hide their messages (by right clicking on their nickname and choosing the option to hide messages).

Hi I am chinmaychamp I had an account name chinmaychamp200 I was having a major rank everything was good in my account I was having drones and firebird mk5 my favorate turrent but suddenly my acc got singed out and I didnt sign out when I sign up again then it says wrong password so I did forget password and it asked me my gmail address so I put their my gmail address and it say me that the id is not regester pls help me I am missing my acc very much

thank you and pls help

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