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Playing in 1 second past

The_Black_Baron 5 meses atrás atualizado 5 meses atrás 2

From some "tanki" reason, I play 1 second in past! Everything what I see already happen before 1 second!

Example 1:

When I drop nuke(touching enemy tank - meaning he was not moving), all tanks are able to run from my nuke before explosion (including titans!!!). When enemy drop nuke and I have/drive wasp, it explode before I manage to escape!

Example 2:

Control point: 1  tank is at point, I'm joining as second; if I join after 1/4 I will not get points!

Under review

Hi The_Black_Baron,

It looks like you are experiencing "internet lags". Please check your internet connection, test its speed on this website and let us know here.

Lags would imply that I have this problem from time to time, not all the time :(

In game:

FPS: around 60

Ping 20-40


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