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i have a problem enterin' the global chat

amit-gg 9 miesięcy temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez abad_online 9 miesięcy temu 2

I wanted to ask someone to play with me, but when I send it a message,  that message has sent to me:

In order to get access to chat and forum messages, you need to play a few battles in the matchmaking mode. Battles left: 3. If you have any problems with entering the game, drop an email to our customer support service: help@tankionline.com

I tried to play a game in the matchmaking mode but the number hasn't turned turn to 2 

W trakcie analizy

Hey, could you please make sure you actually played in the Matchmaking system? A video recording would be very helpful in escalating this problem to the Developers if need be. I recommend you to try again and let us know if it still exists.


Hey, to get access to the chat you'll need to participate in at least 3 MM Battles. To count your progress you have to stay in the battle until the battle ends, leaving amidst of it will not count.