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What happened to my BR server account

FLIPERAMA 2 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Adab (Moderator) 2 lat temu 2

Hi, I have a high level account (marechal) on the BR server and a low level on the EN server, I used the same email for both, so I decided to change the email from my low account so there is no confusion in the (migration from BR server). ) as BR will migrate to EN, I switched email and can log in to my EN account (nickname GODBLAST) normally, but in my BR account whose nickname is FLIPERAMA, I tried to log in and it looks like there is no more nickname account FLIPERAMA in BR, so I tried to login by my email. The following message appears "Unregistered Email" 
(nick server EN  GODBLAST)
(nick server BR  FLIPERAMA)

Any questions I can send you prints of my main email which has the purchase history I made for my FLIPERAMA account in server BR

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