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Since Mon. Sep. 12, PLUG-IN FAILURE every time

777Secrets 5 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez SHOAIB.ZAFAR 5 lat temu 18
Playing on MacBook Pro, 15", Retina (2012), OS 10.11.6, Safari. I can sign in, see my stats, go to garage, but the instant I'm in a game I get a "Plug in failure" dialog.

Yes, I know Safari is not ideal but I've learned to live with the limitations for over a year.

What's up, Technical Team?


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I have the same issue with Safari since 24 hours ago....FireFox freezes after a few minutes so I have gravitated to Safari which is ...was good for at least 30-45 minutes before dumping me out...now I cannot even get into a game because of this pull-in failure issue...pls how do I resolve this..have re downloaded Flash..compatible with Safari and still no positive result

Yep, same thing. Cleared cache. Updated plugins. Checked settings in Tanki. No matter what I get in the game for 2 seconds and see black shapes pop up all around and then kicked out with a Plugin failure message. I'm wondering if it has something to do with an update to their server? In the mean time I'm here looking for answers too.

Same issue; we love Tanki so tech team please resolve soon!

I have exactly the same problem as 'B', looking forward to solution, losing my daily mission bonus's!

Having same issues with both accounts,,,,

same problem here. very annoying.

tanki i love it plz help! QwQ

Same issue for past 24 hours. I also tried updated plug-in and other fixes but problem persists.

Forgot to mention that problems occurs in both Safari and Firefox. Using Mac OS X 10.10.5


Have you tried Standalone flash player for Mac or chrome browser?
What is Standalone Flash Player?

Safari not good with plug-in failure error. installed Chrome and work now.

Ok, what is going on, plugin failure every time I try to play,I have a mac how do you fix it,


Same, checked bunch o webs for solution, but they all have no use

I'm crying because i can't get in due to plug-in failure! I checked the safari preferences, and ticked of every allow plug-ins . Still no sign of no failure. I DONT WANT TANKI TO BE UNPLAYABLE 4 EVER!!!!!!! HALP!!!!

Download Chrome browser and use it to play the game. Worked for me.


Try to run the game on standalone flash player. Also roll back the flash player version to 22.0

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