How to clear cache on the HTML5 Client

Tanki Online HTML5 client saves some information in its cache in the same structure as Google Chrome/Chromium, and Clearing the cache fixes certain problems when the client malfunction due to resources loading issue. To clear the cache, follow this instruction:

1- Open Run Command Box by Pressing the Windows key and the R key at the same time, or Type the word run inside Cortana’s search box in the taskbar, and then click Run from the search result.

2- Once you have done that, type on the text box “%appdata%\TankiOnline\Cache” (without the quotes) And press “OK”

3- You will see all the cache files like this:

4- After closing the HTML5 Client, select everything by pressing the Ctrl key and the A key at the same time, then press SHIFT key and DELETE key at the same time to permanently delete the cache files, then click on YES.

That's it, your cache is cleaned.

Note: To clear all the data of HTML5 client (including cookies, saved passwords & sessions) in the step (2), type “%appdata%\TankiOnline” and proceed with the steps 3 and 4.

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