How to use Ricochet (Tips and Tricks)

Hello Tankers! Are you looking for tips to improve your self? Are you looking for some tips and advice? Do you want to be more skillful with Tanki Online turrets? Say no more, in this article we will be talking about Ricochet and how you can get the most from your experience in this turret. 

Ricochet is considered as one of the most unique and harmful turrets in the game, its special ability allows the turret to shoot plasma projectiles that do not explode upon contact of anything but tanks. Why, how? Do not worry, the information you need to know is below.

Although all distinguishing effects have been removed from turrets - the shot colour update eliminated shot colour change at different modifications (M1, M2 and M3). Now ricochet is the only turret, along with Hammer that has the bouncing mechanism, but there is still a difference between them. Hammer's pellets are limited to only one bounce, while Ricochet's plasma are let to bounce numerously on different obstacles.

Ricochet is a medium range turret, it allows you to reach out to your enemies in a limited distance. Once this distance is passed, your projectiles will have no effect on the opponent's tank. Moreover, the greater the distance is increased the more the damages is decreased.

How do you play Ricochet? The majority of Ricochet owners always forget about using the bouncing effect which is totally unique and easy to use in the battlefield and is always efficient. Why? It's because we are used to the other long/medium range turrets that only allow us to shoot without the bouncing effect as in Ricochet. With the exception of Hammer of course, which uses a similar mechanic, but not to an extent to Ricochet.

The choice of your alteration is primordial. There is a bunch of good alterations for this turret, but there are only 2 of them that are frequently used. You might be asking your self why only two? The answer to your question is below,

First of all, I would recommend using Minus-Field Stabilization, because this alteration increases your projectile speed and minimum range by two! What a great deal! Yes, this alteration literally allows us to fire effectively at a longer range. Projectiles travel further and faster. In the battlefield everything needs to be calculated, even a second missed can produce a huge difference. There is no bonus without compromise, we all know this, your reload speed will be increased by 25%, but it is definitely worth it, a full stamina is more than enough to kill one or many enemies.

Below you can find the difference between Standard Ricochet and Ricochet equipped with the Minus-Field Stabilization alteration.

The second alteration is Plasma-torch. Of course there are a lot of impressions on this alteration regardless limited to only in the battlefield. For example you can shoot all your stamina (recoil) at once without any cool down or delay between each projectile shot. As said earlier, there is no advantage without disadvantage. Your projectile will endure a reduced shooting speed and damage. But, at the same time, this alteration does have its advantages. This alteration is frequently used in parkour mode as it can help jumpers stabilize their tank in the air easily.

Now, Berserk. If you're unsure you are going to destroy your enemy's tank, it's a huge risk losing an overall 30% of damage while this alteration is equipped. However, your stamina can be fully reloaded in a single simple condition: Destroy an enemy tank. If your enemy has equipped a protection module against Ricochet, you're adding even more difficulties on your side and you may not kill them.

Finally, Destabilized Plasma. To be honest this alteration would be the last one I would use. It lets you lose the bouncing effect of  Ricochet. This would make your turret indifferent from other turrets of the game, even if splash damage is added. Turrets such as Thunder, Gauss, Magnum already possess this splash damage effect and are efficient enough on those turrets. Despite this, Ricochet is still a medium range turret. The more your enemies are far, the less splash damage you will do.

Well, that will be it for now! Make sure to read our articles on other turrets as well.

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