Events Guide


Events are sets of mini games organized each month by the Event Organizers team. Each events have their own rules and objectives. Achieving them will bring you some sweet prizes.

Who are the Events Helpers and Organizers?

Event Helpers are the ones which can be seen in the battles maintaining order in events for fairplay, they usually wear the Neon paint for easy identification.  Event Organizers are also seen as "Spectators" in the chat. They monitor all the happenings of the events from a spectator view, they announce winners but also consider warning offenders. If the event rules are broken several times those guys are here to eliminate the nuisance. 

How can join the Events Helpers Team?

If you think you have the experience and the abilities to help during the events, try applying for the team right here: Event Helpers

How to participate in Events?

If you are interested to join events but simply do not know how the system works. Read and follow the instructions written in this article: How to participate in events?

How much are the prizes for each events and when do we receive it?

The prizes for every event varies and only the players who won will be eligible to receive a prize. The Prizes are usually sent right after the events.

If you want to know more on the rewards of each events check out all the events topic, you will find the rewards, objectives and the rules. ~Events

What If you won an event but you didn't get a prize?

In this case, you will need to contact the event administrators, FelRigge63 and MarTiin via the forum PM.

I was removed from the battle even if you did nothing, what should I do?

You can contact one of the event admins, FelRigge63 and MarTiin via the forum PM to get the reason.

If you have any suggestions which might help the events team improve the quality of their events, feel free to drop your suggestion here: Events Feedbacks/Suggestions/Discussions

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