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What are Events?

Events are sets of mini-games organized each month by the Event Organizers team. Each event has their own rules and objectives. Achieving them will bring you some sweet prizes.

Who are the Event Helpers and Organizers?

Event Helpers are the ones which can be seen in the battles maintaining order in events for fairplay, they usually wear the Neon paint for easy identification.  Event Organizers are also seen as "Spectators" in the chat. They monitor all the happenings of the events from a spectator view, they announce winners but also consider warning offenders. If the event rules are broken several times those guys are here to eliminate the nuisance. 

How can one join the Event Helpers Team?

If you think you have the experience and the abilities to help during the events, try applying for the team right here: Event Helpers

How to participate in Events?

If you are interested to join events but simply do not know how the system works, please read and follow the instructions below, and check out the information written in this article: How to participate in events?

Grill Party:
The objective of this event is to zoom across the map, eliminating as many players as you can. You are only allowed to use the short-range turret Firebird, on top of the light and very fast hull, Wasp. If you enjoy playing with Firebird or are a master of getaways with Wasp, then this event is for you!

Frost Sprinter:
In this event, you simply race against other tankers to cross a finish line. There are a few catches, however, everyone should be using Mammoth, and the participants are allowed to freeze their opponents with the Freeze turret. After a long, brutal race, a winner finally emerges from the tundra; will it be you?

Last Standing 2:
This event is perfect for masters of the Ricochet turret. In this event, you start on top of a bridge, and your goal is to get your opponents off of the bridge, either by pushing or shooting them off the edge. If you think your Ricochet trolling skills are above average, attempt this event!

Space Runner:
Calling all space parkour aficionados! The objective of this event is to parkour onto a series of houses, crossing the entirety of the Dusseldorf map without touching the ground. Either Hammer or Ricochet can be used in order to help you accomplish the objective.

Shooting Range 1:
Several tanks find themselves bunched up into tight quarters. If this doesn’t sound chaotic enough, there are also Event Helpers attempting to snipe them. In this event, you try to outlast everyone else, by being the last person who is eliminated by the Event Helper team. If your hide-y senses are tingling, this event is perfect for you!

Box Collector:
If you enjoy attempting to catch a Gold Box while everyone else in the battle is also attempting the same feat, this event is for you! The objective of this event is to catch as many Double Damage boxes as possible during the allotted time frame. Every Double Damage box caught will award you crystals. If you want to put your gold hunting skills to the test, you should try this event!

Lucky Goldbox:
This event is perfect for those with the best of luck. In this event, you and the other participants scatter themselves in the map, into several specific sections. After everyone is situated, a gold box is dropped, and the players in the section where the gold box is falling receive a great prize. Bring out your four-leaf clovers and rabbit feet, and participate in this event!

Moon Minehunt:

The objective of this event is to find as many hidden mines as possible, and you receive some cool prizes if you find one or many. Some of the mines might be in some very secretive spots, though, so it sure won’t be easy. Grab your magnifying glass, and put your sleuth skills to the test!

Last Man Standing:
In this event, you attempt to shoot, shove, or eliminate your opponents, so you are the only person left standing on a bridge. You are allowed to use any turret and supplies to help you complete this objective. If you are a strong close-range fighter, you could win some great rewards by participating in this event!

Tanki Race:
The objective of this event is to race around a pre-laid out track and be the first person to cross the finish line. You can eliminate your opponents, but pushing and even flipping them is allowed and could help you win the race. If you feel like a race car, this event can fit your liking!

Shooting Range 2:
In this event, several Event Helpers are peppered throughout a playing zone, and everyone else tries to eliminate them. The Event Helpers will be fighting back, however, making this task much more difficult. This event is perfect for talented Railgun players!

Save the Gold:
If you remember player-run Save the Golds from the good ‘ole days, and enjoyed them then, this event is perfect for you! The objective of this event is to take the multiple Gold Boxes scattered throughout the map, but this won’t be too easy! Event Helpers with deadly turrets and heavy amounts of mines will definitely make taking the Gold Boxes very difficult. If you like Save the Golds, or remember this popular event from several years ago and want to take a trip down “Memory Lane,” this event is right for you!

What are the prizes for each event and when do we receive it?

The prizes for every event varies and only the players who won will be eligible to receive a prize. The Prizes are usually sent right after the events, but there's sometimes some delays.

If you want to know more about the rewards of each event, check out all the Events topics on the Forum, and you will also find the specific rewards, objectives, and rules of each individual event.

Also, if you want to see the status of the prizes (if the prizes have been already sent or not), check the Event Prizes History topic on the Forum. The status should either be "Prizes sent," or "Prizes not sent yet." This Forum topic is regularly updated whenever there's new information to be reported, and it will allow you to see whether you have earned your rewards from a recent Event you took part in.

Here are examples of what you could see from viewing the Prizes History topic: 

What if I won an event but didn't get my prize(s)?

In this case, you will need to contact one of the Event Administrators (Goges.Enze and Zachery459) via Forum PM.

If there was a mistake, and a rightfully deserved prize wasn't received, they will correct it.

What if a player is removed from an Event battle, even when they did nothing wrong?

They should also contact one of the Event Administrators (Goges.Enze and Zachery459via Forum PM to receive the reasoning.

If a punishment was wrongfully issued, it will be swiftly corrected, and not leave a negative mark on your karma.

If you have any suggestions that might help the Event Helper team improve the quality of their events, feel free to drop your suggestion(s) here:

Events Feedbacks/Suggestions/Discussions

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