How to clean Tanki Online clients cache?

Tanki Online client is giving us extraordinary performance but what to do when you want to clear its cache? Maybe you have tried to reinstall but that didn't work, right?

Do not worry, the following steps will help you clean your cache:

1. Open an application called "Run". It's very simple. Press Win+R or simply use the search function in the taskbar or start menu.

2. Once you have done that, search for %appdata% in the search field.

3. There you'll see a folder called TankiOnline. Double-click on it.

4. Inside this folder, find the "Cache" folder, and double-click on it

5. Press both the "Ctrl" and "A" keys at the same time (selecting all files at once), and press delete

6. Navigate to the "Recycling Bin" on your computer, and once there, press Ctrl + A (like before), and press delete to get rid of all files in this area of your computer

That's it, your cache is cleaned.

Note: Cache for both the Flash and HTML5 client is stored in the same location, this method works for both versions, simultaneously; Clearing your cache will also clear your player's ignored list as well as the log in details.

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