Purchase via Mobile Payment

Go to the Payment page.
1. Select any crystal package offer.
2. Click on the "Mobile Payments" button.

3. Choose one of available packages. Each package shows the amount of crystals you get as well as price.

The system will automatically detect your country.

4. Once you are there, send a text message containing the given code to the given number. If your text is successfully sent, you'll receive a PIN code.
You must use the available mobile operator to send the text message.

5. Write down the PIN code.

6. Press "Continue".

If you did everything correctly, the crystals you bought should appear in your account soon, once this happens, you will see this window:

Please note that Mobile Payment method only works with crystals purchases. We do not plan to introduce the SMS method for Premium Subscription and Gold Boxes due to technical restrictions.

Having problems? Check Failed Payment Transaction?

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