Purchasing Via SMS

Go to the Payment page and select a crystals package.

1. Click on the SMS button.

2. Choose your country.
3. Choose your mobile operator.

After completing these steps you will see several mobile numbers, each of them is for a different

amount of crystals and with a different price. Next to each number you can see a text you need to send.
4. Send an SMS, containing this text, to one of the numbers (according to the amount of crystals you want).

Attention! According to the rules of SMS-server we introduce anti-fraud restrictions. To avoid loss of your payment please observe the following rules:
1.Do not send SMS for more than 13 USD per hour.
2.Do not send more than 3 SMS to one nick from one number within one hour.

If you did everything correctly, the crystals you bought should appear in your account soon, once this happens, you will see this window:

Please note that SMS method only works with crystals purchases. We do not plan to introduce the SMS method for Premium Subscription and Gold Boxes due to technical restrictions.

Having problems? Check Failed Payment Transaction?

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