How to purchase crystals, Premium accounts and Gold box supplies.

1. Log in.
2. Click on the Shop button on the Account Panel (the bar where you can see your rank, crystals, etc.).

3. Choose your country. If you chose the wrong country, you will be able to change it after Shop menu is opened. There, you will be able to choose the goods (crystals, Premium accounts, gold box supplies).

1 — choose country

2 — main page
3 — scroll down to see Premium accounts, gold box supplies, product kits and tank parts offers

4 — click if you experience problems with payments

Click on the offer to see payment methods available for that.

Note that crystals packages will be highlighted in red if you have "Double Crystal" card. All bonuses will be doubled as well.

Below you can find links to guides on how to buy crystals using each of the available payment methods. Each method is presented as a different topic for your convenience.

Purchasing Via SMS

Purchasing Via PayPal

Purchasing via Credit Card

Purchase via Mobile Payment

Having problems? Check Failed Payment Transaction?

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