How to report a violator?

Reporting an offender in battle

Game violators can be reported at the time of offence inside the battle itself. All you need to do is:
Click on the name of the offender and select "Vote" 
After that, all you can do is wait for the moderator to investigate the incident.

It is important to remember that:
  • The moderator sees the battle and the events in it only from the moment when they enter the battle.
  • The complaint highlights the player's nickname only if a sufficient number of people register a complaint. One or two complaints will not be enough.
  • Be aware that a moderator may sometimes not come into battle with complaints. This is not an automated system, and it is possible that all moderators on the server would be currently occupied investigating other incidents.
  • Your complaint is valid as long as the offender is in the battle, and while all those who have complained are in the battle. If someone leaves, the complaint is reset.
  • Complaining to Battle moderators is also possible in Game Reports channel on the chat.
  • Do not send complaints about players who have not violated any rules. All complaints are logged and carefully checked by moderators.
  • The username of the offender can be copied from the battle log at the top right corner of the interface. In order to do that, you need to left-click on the name of the offender while holding CTRL. You can also click the offenders name in the battle log or chat. That will open up a list from which you can select the copy name option.

Reporting a battle hacker in chat

Firstly, find the hacker in a battle. Once you have found a hacker and want to report him, go to the 'game reports' section. You can find this by clicking the general 1 chat icon and scrolling down to 'game reports'.

Once you have opened up this chat section, do the following:

Copy the link of the battle with the hacker.

Put it in the chat 'game reports'.

Mention the name of the hacker and what hack he is using. 

Reporting a hacker via the forum

Sometimes if you are not able to post the battle link in the game reports section, you can still punish a hacker. 

You have to record a 1 - 10 minute video of the hacker and upload it to YouTube. Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, post the video here. A moderator will check the video and decide if the player will get a ban. 

Important: Before posting a video on the Russian forum, make sure to read the rules first. 

Reporting a violation on Forum

1. First of all you need to read the rules of the game and make sure that the actions of the player truly violates the rules.

2. To report something, you need to click the Report button found under each user's posts, as shown below:

3. After clicking the Report button a new page will appear:

4. Add in all the important information you have about what you are going to report and then click Submit Report.

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