What are crystals and how to earn them?

Crystals - The In-Game Currency~

At the top of the screen, you can see how many crystals you have:

Crystals are spent on upgrading your tank, whether this be new paints, turrets, hulls, or Micro Upgrading any of the three aforementioned.

For example, you need 100 000 crystals to buy the "Python" paint.

After you confirm the purchase, you will be charged the amount of required crystals and the selected item will appear in your Garage.

How To Get Crystals?

1. Via battle:

a) From gold boxes that are randomly dropped on the battlefield.

  1. 1000 crystals - Gold Box

b) From battle funds in one of the three team battle modes (TDM, CTF, CTP):

Via individual battles (DM):

Crystals are distributed depending on the number of tanks destroyed and points earned during the battle.

During the battle, you can see battle fund in the bottom-right corner of the screen:

Daily Missions:

Daily missions are three optional tasks that every tanker receives upon entering the game. The reward for completing one of these aforementioned tasks is dependent on both your rank and the difficulty of the task.

Daily missions are not reset with scheduled server restarts. This means you can take as long as you need to perform a specific mission — an hour, a day, a week, or more. Though while they are not reset, they are refreshed. This means that after the server restart when you next log in, you will find a full stock of three daily missions awaiting completion. So if you only had time to finish two missions the day before, the incomplete mission will remain, and two new missions will have appeared next to it.

If for some reason you don’t like a mission, or find it too hard to complete, you can exchange it for a task of a different type. You can do this once a day for free, and any number of times after that for a specific amount of crystals. The cost in crystals will depend on your rank.

Referral Links:

Referrals are players who you invite into the game via a link or banner.
You get crystals when your referrals rank up. Also, you get 10% of the amount of crystals they buy in the game (double crystal cards are not included).

Completing Stars Challenge:

Each month a new stars challenge is introduced in tanki. In these stars challenges, you earn stars by playing match making battles. After obtaining a certain amount of stars, you can unlock rewards/get prizes.. One of the rewards you can get it crystals.

Taking Part In Contests:

The Administration regularly organizes contests which you can take part in and win prizes. Follow the news!

Purchasing Crystals:

You can buy crystals by clicking on a button at the top of your screen in the Lobby.

Earning Crystals for Ranking Up:

You also receive a certain amount of crystals every time you rank up. The actual amount of in-game currency obtained depends on which rank you achieve. Check out the table below for more information:
Referals new en.jpg

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