How to find a post/topic?

Ever found a topic or post missing? Worry not! In this guide we’ll be explaining how and why do they get missing. Also, you can find three major ways of finding them!

Merged or moved - Why:

Merged or moved - Whenever there several inappropriate posts and/or topics are made in the forum, the moderator performs an appropriate act towards it.

If it is a violation, Moderators deals with punishment towards the violator(s). If it is a post in the wrong topic, the moderator uses his tools to move that post to where it actually belongs.

Unfortunately there are a lot of topics which get created just for the purpose of doing that one thing which an existing topic already fulfills.

Let’s take an example for an explanation. Let’s take the topic Questions & Answers; The main purpose of that topic is to ask questions and get the question’s answer respectively. In other words, it is a topic assigned for the purpose of asking and answering Questions.

Now, if you had post a question via means of creating a topic. Meaning you had created a topic to ask a single or multiple questions, you should know that we already have a topic which fulfills the same property of the topic you had created. Later on when a moderator views that topic of yours, he moves/merges it into that specific topic (official topic). In this case it is Questions & Answers.

After a moderator merges a topic, they send a PM the Original Poster (OP) of the topic regarding the movement of the topic.

Forum Moderators deal with a lot of stuff each and every day. It sometimes gets hard for them to PM each and every player about their topic getting moved etc... Which unfortunately leads the Moderators to sending fewer PMs out to the OP of a topic.

In this guide you can find ways of finding that post or topic of yours which had gone “missing”.

Inappropriate - definition:

What is taken into meaning by saying inappropriate is either wrong or incorrect. If you had posted a topic which includes the property (or properties) of an existing topic, the moderator would merge that topic of yours into the existing one. Once that is done, your topic is no longer individual and instead it is a piece of an existing topic. The shape from Topic is changed into a Post.

How to find a missing topic and/or post:

There are three major ways of doing this. We’ll try to make it clear, yet as simple and concise as possible.

  1. Find content - how it helps
  2. Search option
  3. Notifications

Find content - how it helps:

Using the “Find content” button is most likely the easiest way to review any player’s posts or topics. That includes you as well. To learn how you can reach such an option, please read the following instructions carefully;

  1. Should you go to your profile, on the right side, you will find the button, “Find content” which upon being clicked, will load your profile into a new page.
  2. Once that is done, you’ll see many options to your left side. There are two main searching options. “By content type” & “See this member’s...”
  3. Now, you’ll need to set some things right in order to receive a useful response. If you’re surfing your post/topic individually; your profile, you’ll need to set “By content type” to “Forums” and “See this member’s..” to “post” which went missing(i.e. Topic or Post).
  4. If it is a topic, you can click on “Only topics” and search for it and vice versa. Do keep in mind that it is updated as in a descending order; from the latest to the oldest. 

That is how you can find that missing post of yours. If you still aren’t able to, then it most probably means it has been kept unlisted in forums and therefore you are unable to view it. Moderators have the ability to unlist(i.e. Delete/remove).

Additional Information; By content type & See this member’s….

By content type

To make life easier for you, the forum has an option through which you can search two paths. One is to search the forum and the other is to search the member’s. These both differ from each other.

If you have put your gear in “forums” then it means you’re searching your forum activity; posts or topics. If in “members”, then it means you’re searching member activity(Status update, Status comment and such).

See this member’s

Again, to reduce the complexity of the function of this option, you can search two main things. Post & Topic. You can either choose to search individually, only posts or only topics, or both combined as in a uniform.

This helps you to find only posts or topics individually or in a combination.

Search Option:

This is another way of finding your post and/or topic. As it is your topic, you should be able to remember what you had written in it. If not completely accurate, then at least some pieces/parts of it. That is very essential for this way. You can find what to do as follow:

  1. Make sure that you did lose your topic, it was actually gone when you tried to find it. Make sure that you can’t find the topic anywhere.
  2. Once that is done, you need to go on the “Search” tool. It is available for every player.
  3. Make sure that you are searching the ‘Forums’ and not ‘Members’ or ‘Help files’ respectively as the other two are irrelevant for this procedure.
  4. After that is done, type down what you had written in your topic/post. No matter how long or short it is, as long as it completely copies what you had actually written, it is operational. Remember: Shorter pieces have low chances for the post/topic to get found as they might get mixed up with more results due to it matching quite a lot of statements written by players throughout the Forum.
  5. Once that is done, you’ll see results. You can simply find out where your post/topic had gone. If there are quite a lot of results, you can press CTRL + F on your keyboard and type down your nickname.
  6. That is how you can make use of the Search option to find your missing post/topic.


This another way of finding that “missing” post/topic. Since this is quite accurate, you almost don’t need to type anything down. It is all about clicking.

How it’ll work - there is one condition for this to operate/function. That condition is that your post getting quoted by anyone, anytime. Once you have followed the steps below, there will be a notification given to you about a player quoting your post.

Do bear in mind that it notifies you about every post of yours getting quoted, not a specific one. If you’d like to keep it in a specific topic as well, then you can use it on topics. That isn’t going to help you find the “missing” stuff though.

How can you start it:

  1. There is a notification icon placed alongside your nickname. Click it. 
  2. Once that is done, you’ll see that you are currently on “My notifications”. Change that to the option above that one, “Notification Options”. 
  3. Then, you can see various options & settings. Set the ones you find useful. For the purpose of notification upon a quote to your/a post of yours, make sure you check “Notify me when someone quotes my posts (and I’m not already following)”. 
  4. Click save. 

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