How to post a screen shot?

Uploading images to a hosting~

Look here for information on that: How to upload an image?

Before posting screenshots or any other images in the forum you need to upload them to a hosting first.

Instructions for different browsers on how to copy an image's URL~

Mozilla Firefox
Right-click on the image.
Choose 'Copy image location' from the menu.

Internet Explorer
Right-click on the image.
Select 'Properties' from the menu.
Highlight the address appearing under 'Address (URL)'.
Press Ctrl+C, or Right-click->Copy.

Google Chrome
Right-click on the image.
Choose 'Copy image URL' from the menu.

Safari and Opera
Right-click on the image.
Select 'Copy image address' from the menu.

Posting an image in the forum~

  1. Copy the link to a previously uploaded image via Ctrl+C (or as mentioned above for different browsers).
  2. Enter a forum post.
  3. Click "Image"

  4. Paste the link to the image by pressing Ctrl+V.
  5. Click OK.

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