How to reduce lags?

If you are having lag problems with Tanki Online crashing while you are playing you should follow the below written steps to improve your gameplay experience!

  • Use full-screen mode. (Does your game lag? There is a solution!)
  • Clean your Flash player cache. (How to clear your Flash player cache)
  • Clean your Browser cache. (How to clear your browser cache)
  • Clean your registry.
  • Try refreshing the page using F5, on your keyboard. (If using a browser.)
  • Try changing your browser.
  • Remove all your downloads, which you've carried out using torrent, limewire, etc.
  • Turn off all applications that use the network bandwidth.
  • Turn off the antivirus that could slow down the connection.
  • Check your internet connection, check the speed of your Internet connection. (For example, try visiting this site: SpeedTest.) If your download speed is low, files will load slowly. We recommend a minimum connection speed of 256 kbps
  • Clean up old and useless files, caches and similar using special programs. (For example, try using this program: CCleaner.)
  • Increases your FPS (Frames Per Second). (How do I raise my FPS?)
  • If you use laptop with wireless connection try to use Ethernet cable to increase the speed connection.
  • Play in a server with few people connected.
  • Try running Tanki Online as a separate application. (To run Tanki Online as a separate application)
  • Clear your Shared Objects. (How to clear Shared Objects)
  • Try playing through (or put any other word (subdomain) in front of ".tankionline", for example your nickname - this starts the game in a new, fresh state.

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