How to change my password / email address?

1. Log in to the game.
2. Click on the Settings button. atIB9M.png (Found in the upper right corner of your in-game screen.)
3. Click on the 'Change password and email' button.

Attention! If you do not see this button^, but 3 empty fields, it means your email isn't bounded to your account - bind it!

4. A new window will appear, telling you that a link for changing your password was sent to your email box.

5. Go to your email box, find the letter from Tanki Online. There, you will see a link - click on it.

6. You will be loaded to a special page where you can change your password. Type the new password you want and press 'Save'.

7. You will see a new window saying your password was changed successfully.

If you still cannot access your account:
1. Enter the game. A window for entering your login and password will appear.
2. Click on “Lost nickname or password?”
3. A window will appear. Enter the e-mail that is linked to your account.
4. Check your e-mail inbox. There should be a letter from Tanki Online containing the link you will use for changing your password (e-mail). If you haven’t received the e-mail, please check the SPAM folder. If you haven’t received the e-mail for 24 hours, contact technical support. How to write to TechSupport?
5. Click on the link. A window for entering your new password and new email will appear.

If you haven’t linked an email to your account:
1. Log in
2. Click the Settings button in the top-right corner of the screen
3. A window will appear where you need to enter your new email and your new password.
4. After entering the password and the email click Save.

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