What are Daily Missions?

The Daily Missions feature allows you to earn in-game rewards for completing daily assignments~

Please note that performing missions is only possible if there are opponents in a battle: other players in DM or enemy team players in CTF, TDM and CP.

Every day, upon first entering the game, you will be presented with a window containing the 3 missions you should perform to earn your in-game rewards. You can only complete up to 3 missions per day.

Any missions that you do not complete on the day, will be re-assigned the next day. A mission is only considered completed after you have clicked the "Claim reward" button.

You can check your progress on the "Missions" screen.

Changing daily missions:

Your current missions can be exchanged for new ones. You can exchange one mission for free once a day, and for a number of crystals any number of times after that. A mission always gets replaced with a mission of a different type. The price for exchanging a mission is equal to half of the crystal reward you would get for completing it at your current rank.


Prizes for completing missions are generated randomly. There are also daily gifts, which you can get irrespective of whether you complete missions or not. They are:

  • Double Crystal Card
  • Daily Score Multiplier Pass (for players with a rank of up to Gefreiter)
  • "Welcome back!" present (given to players who haven't entered the game for at least a month)
Completing missions will earn you either crystals, or one or two types of supplies. The prize size depends on the player's rank.

Mission types

Earn experience

Mission 1.png
Goal: player needs to earn a specific number of experience points
Description: "Earn experience in battles"

Win a battle

Mission 2.png
Goal: player needs to finish first in a team (winning or losing one) in any battle mode and map
Description: "Finish 1st in a battle"

Earn experience on a map

Mission 3.png
Goal: player needs to earn a specific number of experience points in any battle mode, but on a specific map
Description: "Earn experience on Sandbox map" (Any map name possible)

Earn experience in a mode

Mission 4.png
Goal: player needs to earn a number of experience points on any map, but in a specific battle mode
Description: "Earn experience in CTF mode" (Any battle mode possible)

Destroy enemies / Capture flags or points

Mission 5.png
Goal: player needs to perform a specific number of one of the following actions:

  • Capturing flags in CTF
  • Capturing points in CP
  • Destroying enemies in TDM
  • Destroying enemies in DM
CTF description: "Deliver flags"
TDM/DM description: "Destroy enemies"
CP description: "Capture points"

Catch boxes

Mission 6.png
Goal: player needs to collect a specific number of specific supply boxes
Description: "Collect First Aid boxes (Any supply possible)"

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