What is a PM and how do I use it?

PM is the common abbreviation for "Private Messaging".

The PM forum service is the Tanki Online's only official means of communication for players outside of the chat lobbies of the game itself. It can only be utilized by forum members, and can be used even if a player is banned from making public forum posts or sending chat messages in the game. There are two types of private messaging: Individual to individual communication, and private group chats.

In order to send a PM to another player(s):

Guide on how to send a PM in pictures

1. Click on the Forum button, found in the top bar of the Tanki Online site.

2. Once on the forum, click on "Sign in".

3. Submit your username and password in the appropriate fields Completion of the security check is mandatory.

4. Click on the envelope found in the upper right corner of the forum, and then click, "Compose New".

5. Enter the name of your chosen recipient(s), and enter the subject of the message. (You may send any single message to at most four players.)

6. Enter your message to be sent in the text form.

  • "Send Message" - sends the message.
  • "Preview Message" - shows you what your PM would look like when sent.
  • "Save (Send later)" - allows you to save the message as a draft in your PM system so you may send it at a later date, or continue writing it should you wish.

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