How do I raise my FPS?

If you are having problems with Tanki Online crashing while you are playing or suffer from a low rate of FPS (Frames Per Second), you should follow the below shown steps in order to improve your game! The two immediately below suggestions may help you, but do continue reading down.

Often, turning off some Graphics Effects and/or Options can be very useful, as Tanki Online will require less memory to load and also raise your FPS so that your game will appear smoother.
Options: Mip-Mapping, Fog, Shadows under tank, Dynamic shadows, Deep Shadows, Soft particles and Adaptive FPS.

How to turn options off~

1. Log-in with your Tanki Online account credentials and visit the Settings from the in-game page for your account:

2. A screen will pop up with the settings, and here you can select or de-select any option you wish.

3. After selecting or de-selecting what you wish, click "Save" and enjoy a faster game with fewer crashes and a higher FPS.

How to increase your FPS even more~

1. Start loading a server and then right-click on the loading screen with your mouse.
2. A screen will pop up with Flash Player settings. Proceed to follow the instructions shown below.

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