How to link an e-mail with my account?

This is really important for the safety of your account! If you don't do it, and someone manages to enter in your account, he will be able to change the email and password directly from the in-game Settings, then he will bind his email to your account. From there your chance of getting your account back will be really quite low. This is why you should bind your email to your account as soon as possible!

1. Log in
2. Click on the Settings button from the top right of the Account panel atIB9M.png
3. You will see 3 fields - two for your password, and one for your email - to bind your e-mail to your account, enter the e-mail you want to use in the e-mail field, then press 'Save'.

4. Now open your e-mail box (the one you just bound with your account), and search for a letter from Tanki Online. There, you will find a link for confirming your email address - click on that link.

5. After the page loads, you will see a window, telling you the email was confirmed.

E-Mail appears in Settings, but yet it's not verified?

In this case, type another e-mail address in the E-mail field and click Save. Go back to Settings, type the email address you want your account to be linked to, and click Save. Check for a mail from and follow the link to verify the e-mail address (like shown above).

That's all there is to it - now your e-mail is bound to your account, and thus your account is significantly more secure.

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