How to upload an image?

It is often necessary to upload images to a hosting website before publishing it in the forum or just to share it with friends. This article will tell you how to use three popular image hosting websites.

Uploading images to

  1. Go to, click Browse....
  2. Choose the file, click Open.
  3. Click on Upload It!.

  4. Choose the first link in the list ("Link") and click copy to clipboard.

Uploading images TinyPic

  1. Go to, click Choose file.
  2. Choose the file, click Open.
  3. Click on Upload Now!.
  4. Enter your answer to a security question.
  5. Copy the link below: Direct Link for Layouts.

Uploading images to Imgur

  1. Go to Imgur, click Upload images.

  2. Click browse your computer, Choose the file, click Open. Press Ctrl + V if you took a screenshot
  3. Click on Start upload.
  4. Choose the appropriate link in the Share Link, highlight it and copy to clipboard (CTRL + C).

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