How to change my nickname?

To change your nickname, you need to buy the Rename Pass. To buy the Rename Pass, simply open shop and scroll down to the very bottom. You will see an item called "Rename:" 

This unique pass allows you to change your nickname once, and it gets removed from your garage immediately after use. It can be purchased in the Shop for 2000 Tankoins. After purchasing this product, it appears in the "Special" category of your Garage:

Before using this pass, you need to choose a nickname of your choice, check that no other user currently has that nickname (How to check nickname availability) and make sure it doesn't break any of the Game Rules. Please note that the nickname should consist of at least 3 characters (Only letters, numbers, and punctuation marks are allowed).

After you have come up with the nickname you want to rename your account to, click the "Use" button, and it will bring up this window:

Type in your new nickname in the top box, and type in your account's password in the bottom box, and click "Save." Your account will immediately be renamed to the nickname you inputted into the top box.


Q. Does the service maintain all my account information and garage items?
A: Everything (experience, rating, and tanks and guns in the garage) stays the same and only the nickname is changed.

Q. Does the service clean my karma?
A: No, all your violations and the account history are still there.

Q. Does the service change my password as well?
A: No, it will still be the same until you change it.

Q. Does my nickname in the forum and Help Site change too?
A: Yes.

Q. I just came back to the game after a while and my nickname is lost, it has been renamed differently! What happened to it?

A: Inactive accounts will simply be renamed to free up the nickname for another user and you will still be able to access your account as usual, but even though it has lost its nickname, inactive accounts' nicknames get a prefix «r_» in front of them. So, if the nickname «TANKMAN» gets taken, the original account's nickname becomes «r_TANKMAN». If «r_TANKMAN» is also taken, then a number from 0 to 100 is added to it and the name becomes, for example, «r_TANKMAN0».

Q. Is there any way to stop my account's nickname from being claimed?
A: If you have an e-mail linked to your account, you will receive an email from our Tech Support telling someone has attempted to claim your nickname and listing your new nickname and all details on the process, and you can then log-in to the game to increase the inactive period and therefore avoid others from claiming it. But if you do not have an email linked to your account, you will have to contact our Tech Support, submit a request for account recovery and then wait for their instructions.

Q. How and when do my account's Nickname become available for anyone to claim?
A: Your nickname becomes available for anyone to claim when:

(a) You are inactivity in the game for a very long time

(b) Someone has tried to register your nickname

(c) You did not notice an e-mail telling you that someone else has tried to register your nickname

(d) Someone tried to register your nickname a second time;

    After all of the above has happened, your inactive account will be given a new nickname (in the format of: r_[OLDNICKNAME])

    Q. I don't see my original nickname, I have lost my account! Is this real?!
    A: Even if your account's nickname has been taken, please keep in mind that your account WILL NOT be lost!

    Q. Do I get an option to change my nickname to a new one for free after my nickname has been claimed and renamed?
    A: If, after losing your nickname and being given a new, renamed one, you decide to return to the game, you’ll be able to continue playing with this new nickname or eventually choose a different one for free by contacting our Tech Support.

    If you would like to know how to check nickname availability, please check this article.

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