I’ve been punished, what to do?

How to Learn Why You Were Banned~

To learn why you were banned you first need to log into the game and type something in the chat. If you're banned, a similar message should appear: 


If you want to know more about why you were banned, you need to send a Personal Message to one of the Battle Moderator Administrators, Chat Administrators or Forum Administrators (if the reason states (Forum)), respective to whether you have been banned for a violation in the game, in the chat or in the forum. Please understand that there can't be any public discussion of your ban in both the game chat and in the forum. You may only address such matters via a PM with the appropriate individual. The same applies if you would like to report a ban you feel was unfair.

After receiving your request, the Administration will consider your words and the proof provided by Moderators and will either leave the ban or remove it. You will be informed during your conversation with one of the administrators about the decision. If your ban is justified, the ban will remain.

How to Learn Why You Were Blocked~

Use this form to contact the TechSupport. Describe your problem with as many details as possible. The TechSupport will contact you by sending a message to the email address linked to your account.

Remember: Administrators cannot block/unblock accounts. Please do not contact them for this matter.

How to Learn Why You Were Blocked On The Help Site~

If you are certain you have entered your account credentials on the Help site correctly, but still cannot get in, this is most likely due to the fact you have been blocked on grounds of violating the rules. To find out why you were blocked, send a Personal Message to Sia.

Why can't I sign into the TO Wiki~

If you find yourself unable to sign into the Tanki Online Wikipedia page, it's not your fault! Only Wiki Editors have account access to the site, as they need to edit and update the Wiki resources. The fact you can't sign in isn't the result of something on your end, but rather, is the result of a policy applied to all players.

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