Graphics Settings

Technical descriptions~

 The Settings button can be located in the top right corner of your in-game screen, and it looks like this:

Once you click on it, you will get this popup window:

Below are the details of each option presented in the Settings menu~

Sets the audio level of background battle sounds.

  Turns on and off the background sound of the battle. If not checked, you will only hear the sound made by the other tanks


 Shows the FPS and ping in the bottom right corner of your screen. FPS is an acronym for, "Frames Per Second". And as the name implies, the number represents the number of pictures loaded every second by your computer. The higher the number, the more smooth and fluent the game will appear.
 Allows you to avoid 'controls delay'. Some players get this delay after pressing a tank control key while in a battle. For example, when pressing 'Up', it takes a few seconds until the tank reacts and moves forward.

 Turns on and off the sky and intangible landscapes in battles.
 Turns on and off the chat within all battles and servers.
 Turns on and off Mip-mapping. When turned on, it significantly improves the look of maps. Though when turned off, rendering speeds are increased.

 Markings on the ground where supplies and Gold Boxes will fall.

All performance options below this point require hardware acceleration~

  The server automatically detects the best graphics settings configuration according to how powerful is your computer. (i.e. Processor, graphics card, etc.)

 Shows or hides the shadows of buildings, walls, and tanks.

  Shows or hides the fog in battles. (Visible only in larger maps.)

 Shows or hides the interaction of your tank with shots and trees in a more realistic way.
Turns on and off antialiasing. When turned on, objects appear smoother, lacking jagged edges and other somewhat unsightly features.
Shows or hides additional shadows in the map, adding volume to your view and underlining the depth of the objects.

  Shows or hides the shadow under all tanks in battles.
  Shows or hides dust produced by all moving tank's tracks in battles.

  Turns on and off dynamic lighting. Enabling this effect emits light from gunshots, flags, control points and explosions.


  Allows you to change your password or email.

 Allows you to link your Tanki Online account to your Facebook account.


  When you are driving backward, the left and right turn buttons reverse.
 Turns on and off if your friends are able to send you battle invitations.
 The camera adapts to follow your tank, such as when you are in a tunnel, rather than being static, and potentially making it harder to see your surroundings.

 Turns on and off mouse controls. By turning on mouse controls, it does not disable key controls. You may freely switch in between the two.

Typical configurations~

High Performance:
For people who want to enjoy the game at its best - a colorful explosion of lights and effects that will provide a view like you have never seen before. Requires a medium graphics card.

Medium Performance:
This combination allows you to enjoy the game with many graphics effects, but it's not as demanding as having all graphics effects turned on. This layout is recommended if your computer is busy doing something else (e.g. antivirus scanning, as well as uploading videos to YouTube or downloading from another site), if it's not very powerful or if you are playing in a large laggy map. Requires a graphic card.

Low Performance:
For those who run the game using a piece of wood, or for those who often experience lags and low FPS. With this combination you run the game at its lowest level of graphics (besides the skybox, but loading the sky pictures barely changes anything in regards to performance of the game), but at least you can play on poor computers or old devices.

Suggested Performance:
The server - according to your computer's specifications - chooses what's best for you.

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