"Lost server connection"

A screenshot showing the "Lost server connection" error prompt

If you face this error, do not worry and try not to get angry. Just follow an appropriate solution from those mentioned below.

Regular error:

If this error pops up regularly, then change your password and e-mail. This indicates there is a high chance that someone else is logging into your account, thus, kicking you off the server.

Temporary error:

Sometimes, transfer of data to and from the server may get disrupted for whatever reason, temporarily. In that case, all you need to do is, refreshing the page (if using a browser) or re-entering the game (if using a client).

Unstable browser:

Try switching to another browser if you play on one. Your browser may not be working properly and transfers data badly.

Outdated Flash Player:

The game may not be supporting outdated Flash players, resulting in closing your connection to the server. Try updating your Flash Player.

Infected computer:

Try running a virus scan with an Anti-Virus software - your PC may have been infected by a virus, making you unable to stay connected to the game's server(s).

Bad Internet Service Provider:

Check your internet connection. Perhaps there are problems with your Internet Service Provider, meaning that the response from the server may have been discontinued, as a result of a terminated session.

Slow Internet:

Your internet connection might be slow. Check the speed of your Internet connection (For example, try testing using this site: SpeedTest), if your download speed is low, files will load slowly. We recommend a minimum connection speed of 256 kbps.

DoS/DDoS attacks:

Your internet connection might be under attack by someone. Try changing your IP Address by turning your router off and on again. (Does not work for Static IP addresses, in that case, please contact your ISP)

Other solutions:
  • Try clearing the Flash-Player cache. (For more information on how to do this check here: How do I clear the cache of my Flash Player?)
  • Remove all your downloads, which you've carried out using a torrent, limewire, etc.
  • Clean up old and useless files, caches and similar using special programs. (For example, try using this program: CCleaner)

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