Gold Boxes

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What determines the dropping of a gold box- battle fund/no. of people in the battle/competition or it just drops anytime
Gold Box - This is a bonus that is dropped during a battle. It awards the player 1000 crystals. There are drop zones for Gold Boxes on almost every map. Most maps have several drop zones. Originally the Gold Box was dropped when battle the fund reached 700 crystals. Since Update 1.78.0 it can now appear in a battle with any fund size. The probability is 1 in 7000.

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Try to play on Polygon CP (Control Points). There is a lot of battle fund and gold boxes. Try to play there! Good luck!

It can drop anytime!Every time when there is a increase in battle fund there is a possibility of gold box dropping.
It can drop anytime- at the top of your screen it will say "Gold box will be dropped soon" in orange text. The WW2 bombing alarm will play as well. The drop zone is a golden crystal inside of a outlined square. If you don't get it, then keep trying!
The probability is 1 in 7000. it was before they took crystals out of the game, now i think it is 1:3500
When will they bring back crystal boxes?

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