Why does my daily mission not work?

HappyTaTTe hace 5 años actualizado por oowee14 hace 3 años 9

One of my daily missions today was to earn 300 experience on Rio map. I played a round on Rio and earned over 300 exp, but the mission still says 0/300.



Temporary issues with Daily Missions
We apologize for the inconvenience.

I'm currently experiencing this on multiple maps, multiple servers, multiple hours tried. Any suggestions?

my daily mission was stuck too ...how to fix it because i lose crystal LVL ...who compensated my lose ? ?

Due to the new update, Missions can only be done in Non-Pro battles. All information you can find here: http://en.tankiforum.com/index.php?showtopic=353760

i know but its happening in all battles. it just started couple days ago

my daily missions stuck too. Nothing moving forward several modes and maps have same problem.

Hello, I've checked the Actual Problems & Solutions as well as the Patch notes before posting. I've never experienced this before either..


So in today's mission (Aug 26th, 2017) I seem to be unable to score any kills (Destroy enemies Mission 2). Missions were played in both DM and TDM with 0 kills registered for mission. Even after completing mission 01. I'm thinking that I should claim the rewards available and then see if it registers, but shouldn't it work without me having to do that? I'll post an update.

Update, so I claimed both rewards that were claimable but NO it didn't solve the problem. Still no kills count towards progress for that reward.