How to Use the Rent-a-Spec Service

What is Rent-a-Spec?~

The Rent-a-Spec service is a newly-returned Helper-run service that serves to give normal players the ability to have recordings and screenshots professionally using the Spectator mode, which is otherwise impossible to take advantage of. This program is great for content creators such as YouTubers and Designers, and even for players who just want a recording or screenshot of their rank-up, parkour, et cetera, for their collection of memories.

How do I get started?~

This service operates primarily through Discord, so it is essential to join a special Discord server. The link to the server can be found in the official Rent-a-Spec forum topic.

While you are viewing the forum topic, it is also important to read the content posted in the main first post, as it lists the basic set of rules that you will need to follow when using the service, as well as answers to a few common, basic questions that you might be having in your mind.

Once you have read through the entire topic, it's time to join the server, which can be done by clicking the "Connect" button on the Discord overlay seen on the topic. Upon joining the server, you will be greeted with another set of rules (similar to the ones in the forum topic). You will need to read through it entirely, and once done, click on the "OK" button at the bottom. This will give you access to all the channels in the server, allowing you to start renting Spectators for anything you'd like, be it rank-ups, parkour recording for your club/personally, random clips, etc.

Note: Spectators are not allowed to record in MatchMaking battles (only in private PRO battles), so you can not request a Spectator to record MatchMaking battles for you.

How do I request a Spectator?~

As soon as you agree to abide by the rules of the server, you can start renting Spectators whenever you need them. There are three different categories a request can fall under, which will dictate where you should make your request:

  1. Video Shoot Request - You want a Spectator to come and record anything you choose for up to 20 minutes.
  2. Photo Shoot Request - You want a Spectator to come and take some pictures of your tank, or together with the tanks of your friends usually for tank towers, group pictures, or something like that.
  3. Special Request - You either want multiple Spectators (more than one) to record something (commonly used to achieve different viewpoints on the same content), or you want to rent a single Spectator for more than the basic 20 minutes.

Depending on the type of request you want to make, you will have to post it in the appropriate, matching Discord channel of the Rent-a-Spec server.

What if I have a problem/question?

Don't worry. This is a common occurrence and there's a system in place to help you with that. Simply head over to the same Rent-a-Spec Discord server, scroll down to the bottom of the available channels, and then find a channel titled "#ask-a-spectator." A Spectator from the service will answer your questions there as soon as possible.

    This is the best place to ask any question you might have or solve your problems. It allows you to receive an answer to your question or the help you need and also allows others in a similar situation to find an answer to it.

    Do know that it is encouraged to not DM any of the Spectators or the Administrator involved with the service, they will likely ask you to use that particular aforementioned channel.

    If you are specifically having issues joining the Discord server, it is best to leave a description of your problem in the Rent-a-Spec forum topic.

    The following video explains all of the same information in a more visual and simple manner:

     Advanced issue found

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