Where can you find additional content about Tanki Online?

Tanki Online has a large presence outside of just the game and Forum! You can find Tanki on almost every Social Media app you use, and in this article, we will describe where to find more content about the game, and what types of content they post on each Social Media service.


The majority of content regarding the game can be found on YouTube. Tanki Online has an official EN YouTube channel, where they post V-LOGs weekly, each edition detailing upcoming news and updates, discussing important stuff from the recent past, and other miscellaneous content. There is also an official EN eSports channel, where regular live-streams feature the most intense eSports matches, as well as other content related to eSports. And moreover, the Content Helper channel, features creative content regarding anything from skilful Gold Box catches, to the most spectacular of parkour. All of these channels are largely run by the developers and helpers of the game. Outside of the official YouTube channels, you can also find a plethora of content from players. There are TONS of videos to choose from, and you can always find something new and exciting. If you enjoy the game or want to learn more about it, YouTube is the perfect place to look into!


Discord is an excellent place to find friends that also play Tanki Online, grow your social media connectivity, and overall, have better gaming experience. In late 2018, the Tanki Online Social Media Helper team created a Discord server to help players find new friends, discuss stuff both about the game and not, participate in fun contests and games, and more! Since its launch, more than 10,000 tankers have already joined the server, and this number is constantly rising. If you are looking to increase your fun and activity around the game, this is the best place to do so!

Additionally, if you enjoy eSports, you can also join the official Tanki eSports Discord Server, where you can talk with some of the best eSports players, discuss strategies, and find lots of eSports content. If you are looking to embark on a journey through the eSports scene, or you are looking to enhance your competitive play, this server is great for it!

Social Media Apps~

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are amongst the most popular Social Media applications; it would make sense for Tanki Online to have a presence on these apps, right? So yeah, Tanki Online has a large presence on each of these apps, and post lots of stuff about the game regularly. On the official Tanki Online Instagram account, you can find lots of cool artworks by players, contests with great prizes, and behind-the-scenes pictures of the Tanki HQ and Staff! Similarly, the official Tanki Twitter page posts giveaways regularly, and has lots of cool polls to engage with other players. The Tanki Online Facebook account is perhaps the most important Tanki Social Media page, as this is the page that has the most relevant news regarding upcoming festivities and updates, as well as any other out-of-the-blue information that needs to be known. This is also the Social Media page that contains posts about previews of the V-LOG each week, which is released roughly 24 hours before the V-LOG.




If you are looking to get more engaged with the community of this game, we hope that you decide to check out Tanki Online's accounts on each of these social platforms. And if you see any of the Help Site team on any of these platforms, feel free to talk with us!

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