How to participate in contests

The majority of Tankers (and probably yourself, too) are always looking for some great ways to earn cool prizes; and one way to do so is by participating in contests! The Contest Organizers team regularly creates fun and entertaining contests with great prizes for players to enjoy. These contests sometimes involve creativity, while others involve intellectual brainpower!

In this article, we will discuss contests with you, letting you know everything that must be known, including how to participate, information on prizes, etc., and as well as clear up any confusion that you might have on the subject. Let’s jump straight in!


Before we get into the specifics, we need to know a bit about what contests are, how they are carried out, and other basic information. The most important thing to know is that contests can be divided into two categories: 'Parkour Contests' (testing players’ skills in the parkour realm) and 'Regular Contests' (which allow players’ creativity and intelligence to shine). If you don’t know how to parkour well, or you have never tried it before, there’s always a regular contest for you to take part in. On the other side, if you feel creativity is not your strongest attribute, or you simply like landing on top of buildings, parkour contests are the best option for you. There’s a contest for every personality, you just need to find out which one fits you the best!


Now that we know the basics, let’s list a few examples of recurring contests that have been popular successes in the recent past:

  • Masters of Parkour - This contest is for all parkour enthusiasts, or for those who want a chance to receive a very rare and special paint. In this contest, teams of four players create a one-minute montage, showcasing their parkour skills and creativity. The best of the best are rewarded a special paint, which will remain in their Garage forever. They can also take part in live performance to win the contest's main prizes.
  • Parkour Survival - Parkour Survival is the other large parkour contest. In this particular contest, the Contest Organizers find a specific, difficult house or object that teams must get on top of. Sounds simple right? Well, there’s a bit of a twist: the Organizers throw plenty of restrictions into each trick, making it so only the best Parkourists can complete the challenge. If you are good at problem solving and parkour, this is a great contest for you!
  • The GAME - This contest regularly occurs either as a part of the annual birthday celebrations, or the New Year celebrations at the beginning of each new year. In this contest, the Organizers lay out a long series of puzzles that tests the intelligence of every participant. If you want to put your wits to test, or you like solving puzzles, this is a perfect contest for you!
  • Mister/Miss TO - This is a popular contest that involves real-life film-making. The goal of this contest is to film a video in-person, following a specific Tanki Online theme, and incorporate parts of your life to make it interesting. If you are a creative individual, or you enjoy making in-real-life videos, you will find this contest admirable.
  • Mine Art/HallowMINE - If you like drawing pictures within Tanki, you might love this contest. For this contest, you have to draw a picture using Mines, following any specified criteria. For example, if the criteria calls for a picture of an epic Goldbox take, you have to draw a picture of the best Goldbox capture you can imagine. Your creativity will definitely be put to the test in this contest!

You can find more information about contests in the designated Contests section of the Wiki.

Information about contests~

There are three main areas you should regularly check for information about contests:

  1. The Tanki Homepage - For some of the larger contests (Masters of Parkour, Mine Art, etc.), they will make a post on the homepage with the contest details.

    Clicking the image takes you to the Tanki homepage

  2. The Forum - This is the area where you can find all the in-depth information about contests you need, and as well as the instructions and link (if needed) to submit your entry. If you have any questions about a particular contest, you can also ask them in the contest topic that suits your question (for example, if you have a question about Masters of Parkour, you should ask it in the overarching Masters of Parkour topic), and one of the Contest Organizers will guide you.

    Clicking the image takes you to the Contests section of the Forum

  3. In-game “News” tab - With every new contest comes a new alert in the “News” tab that is found in-game. This will help notify you as soon as a contest comes out, so it is recommended to check this regularly.



Now that we know where to find information about contests, and we know the basics behind them, it is time to discuss how to actually take part in a contest. To do so, please follow these general steps:

  1. Head over to the Contests section of the Forum;
  2. Find a contest with the "Contests" tag (not the "Winners" tag) that sounds interesting and click on its resective topic;
    It will have this tag:

  3. Read through the extensive list of rules and regulations of that particular contest;
  4. Craft an entry specific to the contest you are participating in. For example, if the rules state that you must create a one minute video with editing, you must record footage and edit it in a video editing software in order to meet the requirements of that particular contest;
  5. Submit your entry;

There are a few different ways contest entries are accepted. The most popular way of submitting an entry is by doing so through a specified form (this is used for contests such as "Masters of Parkour", "Mine Art", etc., where players' entries are in a link form, that can be copied and pasted into the form). The other, widely used way of submitting entries is by adding your entry directly into a reply to the Forum topic of the contest (this is used mainly for the "Best Artworks of the Month" contest). As mentioned before, the way of submitting an entry varies from contest to contest, so just make sure you read through the rules in order to submit correctly!


In the rules of each contest, there will also be a specified end date for the contest, which is when entries will no longer be accepted, and the judging will begin. A couple of days after this date, the winners will be released in the original (first) post of the contest's topic. So be on the lookout for information regarding winners on any Forum topics of a contest you have participated in, you might be lucky enough to win some great prizes!

Well, that's it! Hopefully, this article was helpful, and worked out to clear any confusion you might have surrounding participating in contests! If you have any further questions/concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section that is down below this article, and we will help you. Thank you for reading!

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