YouTube Digest & YouTuber TO Programme

YouTube Digest

Youtube Digest is a weekly video recap series presented in the official Video Blogs of Tanki Online that recaps a few of the best Tanki Online YouTube videos from each week. A special "YouTuber wannabe" form is used to collect and chose the best videos for the recap every time. The whole point of this digest is to promote any Tanki Online YouTuber and their video straight on the game's official YouTube Channel. This could give your channel a boost in public views and recognition.


Q. How can I get my video promoted in the digest?
A: To get your video promoted in the digest, simply submit it via this form.

Q. In what format should my video be submitted?

A: Your video should be submitted as a Youtube video. Only Youtube video links are accepted in the special form.

Q. Will I receive any reward if my video is chosen for the digest?

A: No, you will not receive any reward in any form. The main purpose of the digest is to promote any Tanki Online YouTuber and their video. A small portion of your video is shown in the vlog and the link to your full video is placed in the vlog's suggestion box. 

Q. Is there any deadline to submit a video every week? If so, when is it?

A: Yes, there is. It is recommended to submit your video at least two days before the vlog is released (released every Friday), as there are several procedures to be followed before choosing the best videos.

Q. Can I submit a video multiple times?

A: Yes, it is possible and allowed. But that doesn't increase the chances of your entry being chosen for the digest, at all.

Q. Is there any other way Tanki Online supports its Youtubers?

A: Yes, there is. Tanki Online currently offers a Youtuber TO program. You could obtain numerous Containers and several other benefits for creating good Tanki Online videos. Click here for more information. 

YouTuber TO Programme

Youtuber TO Programme is a program that helps, encourages and motivates players to create Tanki Online related videos on YouTube. Tanki Online Youtubers are rewarded in the form of promo codes based on the number of views their videos achieve. The promo codes provide numerous Containers.

Note: Only views on Tanki related videos count.


5000 - 10,000 views10 containers*
10,000 - 20,000 views20 containers
20,000 - 50,000 views40 containers
50,000 - 100,000 views70 containers
100,000 - 200,000 views 100 containers
200,000 - 500,000 views130 containers
500,000 - 1,000,000 views160 containers
1,000,000 - 2,000,000 views200 containers and a huge prize* for giveaways
2,000,000 views and more250 containers and a huge prize* for giveaways

In addition to being compensated with Containers, you could also attain a couple of other additional goodies such as a Dream tank, rare paints, a special Spectator account** and Press account for the purpose of creating TO videos, and a unique "Youtuber TO" paint.

YouTuber TO Paint

*an account with the "Spectator mode" enabled.
**a Dream tank, rare paints and more.


Q. What are the Rules of the Programme? How do I participate in?

A: Here are the Rules and participation conditions of the YouTuber TO Programme.

Q. How do I become eligible for the Spectator account?

A: In order to become eligible for the Spectator account, you must meet these three requirements -  follow all the Rules of the YouTuber TO programme, a minimum of 10,000 subscribers and a minimum of at least 1 Tanki video per month during the last 3 months.

Q. How do I achieve the "YouTuber TO" paint?

A: To achieve the "YouTuber TO" paint, you must meet these three requirements - follow all the Rules of the YouTuber TO programme, a minimum of 20,000 subscribers and a minimum of at least 1 Tanki video per month during the last 3 months.

Q. How do I get a press account? How do I get a YouTuber account?

A: Press accounts are not given upon request.

If you have any questions, please contact the EN TO YouTubers Manager - Jay (via forum PM) or the YouTuber TO Customer Service


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