New Mk (Mark) Modification System

Hello tankers! Like most games other games, Tanki Online has got to improve its gameplay quality and make it profitable for everyone. They have to update their game regularly to maintain it active and fresh.

On 17th of January 2020, the game went through some huge changes in its tank modification levels. If you are thinking why...well, it was because low-rank players were simply enjoying major advantages in battles being able to own very powerful tanks just at the rank Warrant Officer 5. This made any battle unfair. As soon as someone ranked up to Warrant Officier 5, they began encountering players with very high modification levels compared to them, creating an absolutely unfair play zone. The best solution to this issue was certainly not to decrease the amount of damage each turret below M3 does, since it would make the game less profitable for everyone. Moreover, when the developers released a rebalance update a few years ago, all M3 equipment was shifted from Rank 15 to Rank 27. Because of this, players were not able to access the same turrets and hulls as they used to do, and all weapons became much slower and weaker.  

That’s exactly why THIS TIME, they left the parameters of all the equipment at the same level, sacrificing everything else. Before 

the rebalance, you could get the most powerful tank as a Warrant officer 5, but after the rebalance, some kits give you early access to better equipment. And in some cases, you could grab hold of an Mk7 at the same rank as well, while people who couldn’t buy the kit will have a lower level of modification and will not be able to fight properly in the battlefield. Due to all of these reasons, we have now received our new system of modification levels, the Mk (Mark) system!


In this system, the Modification levels have been increased from 4 modification levels (M0, M1, M2, M3) to 7 modification levels (Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Mk4, Mk5, Mk6, Mk7). But your equipment was TOTALLY NOT nerfed or buffed. It seems the official explanation regarding this update wasn’t clear enough for a lot of players, as they thought the Developers have wiped or nerfed their turrets and hulls. That’s not true, all of your equipment’s characteristics are exactly the same as before. The only thing that was changed is the name. Let’s explain this in a more detailed manner using an example.

Let's say you had a Firebird and Ricochet M1, and your Firebird M1 was micro-upgraded 8 steps, but your Ricochet M1 was not micro-upgraded at all. After the update, your Firebird M1 turned into a Firebird Mk5 and your Ricochet М1 into a Ricochet Mk2. Every turret was converted in a unique way based on their micro-upgrade level.

The most important thing here is that the damage, firing rate, turning speed and other characteristics, have ALL remained EXACTLY the same. Actually, if the Developers had made the conversion as you would have expected it, that is, modification to modification, then the final characteristics for most players would have decreased, resulting in a huge disadvantage for everyone.

Mk Conversion


The most observant of you have probably noticed that the turrets and hulls have the look the same at some modification levels. Instead of making new skins by adding more metal coating for each of the extra modifications, the Developers have decided to use the same skin for some modification levels. For instance, turrets and hulls in the Mk2 and Mk3 modification levels use the "M1" skin from the old set of modification levels while those in the Mk4, Mk5 and Mk6 modification levels use "M2" skin. But the Mk1 and Mk7 both have unique appearances, they use the "M0" and "M3" skins, respectively. Anyhow, you could still change your tank’s appearance by equipping a different skin such as XT, Prime, Ultra and Legacy.

Changes to Appearance of Turrets & Hulls

Product Kits~ 

With the release of this update, all Product Kits have been transferred from the Garage to the new Shop Showcase, which is only available in the HTML5 and Android versions of the game. And as a result of the conversion, Product Kits are now cheaper when purchased from the Shop Showcase, and may also be purchased for Crystals or Tankoins, with different discounts every 12 hours. Moreover, the range of available Product Kits has now become wider.

Click here for a full list of available product kits.

Game's Economy~

The update did not affect the prices of any equipment that much. After the update, the prices of some equipment has remained approximately the same while the prices of some equipment have increased. For example, before the rebalance, the price of Hunter M3 was 324 000 Crystals, however after the update, Hunter MK7 (Hunter M3) cost just 289 000 Crystals.

But on the flip side, the price of Viking M3 was 324 000 Crystals, however now, Viking MK7 (Viking M3) cost a bit more - 348 650 Crystals.

    This update only affected the prices of Turrets and Hulls in the game, while prices of Protection Modules remain the same as before.

    Changes to the costs of Turrets & Hulls

    Game's Balance~ 

    As you can see, the effect on the game's balance is much less drastic than it appears. The current situation is just a transition period. It’s just a temporary phenomenon, and the balance will soon be restored as we continue playing on our accounts.

    PRO battles~

    Because of this new update, players owning both the Mk7 Railgun and Hornet/Wasp Mk7 are the only one able to play XP/BP. It’s so to create a high level of gameplay in XP/BP battles, because of this, players will now need to fight to achieve the best upgrade possible for their XP or BP combo.

    This also applies for other formats such as XC and DR.


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