How to Use Hammer (Tips and Tricks)

Hello tankers! In this article, we will give you several different tips on how to become a better player..a better Hammer player! Get yourself comfortable and take notes as this article might considerably improve your Hammer skills!

Turret Design

Hammer's look for each modification level works just similarly to every other turret in the game. At the lowest modification level (M0), there aren't many complications on the turret, but on each modification upgrade, the more complex it appears and the cooler and aggressive it looks on the battlefield!


The main characteristic of this turret is the way its projectiles are spread out from the turret -  a considerable amount of tiny pellets hit the target you're aiming for. The more pellets hit the target, the more damage it does. Additionally, these pellets have a special effect just like Ricochet. We know shots from Ricochet can bounce on contact with any obstacle, but to make sure that hammer is unique and not a copy-paste of Ricochet itself, Hammer's pellets only bounce once before hitting a final destination. 

Hammer has a special reloading configuration, once the reload bar is fully loaded, you can only shoot 3 times before having to reload. This is because, in a normal Hammer where no augment is equipped, the amount of ammunition used per recoil is divided into 3, which can easily be seen after making the first shot. After each shot, you will have to wait for a short amount of time before shooting again. Once the 3 shots are used, you will have to wait for your turret to reload completely before you can shoot again.

Hammer is a medium-range turret, which means it creates a necessity to reach closer to your opponent at a certain distance, but you should never be very close to an opponent who has a close-range turret, it could simply bring failures upon you. In order to efficiently deal damage to them, always maintain a decent distance from your opponent - not too far and not too close, just the distance it needs for the pellets to reach an opponent whilst dealing the maximum amount of damage granted for this turret or something closer to it.


It is recommended that you equip an augment while playing with hammer, although that is your choice. Augments can actually provide a good boost to you and compromise your weaknesses! We will discuss the various augments to go along with hammer below. 


Duplet allows you to instantly fire 2 rapid shots, with a very short interval between each. You could almost say that the damage dealt or the shots are confounded, but they are actually not, the amount of damage you make to your opponent will appear separately for each shot, clearly proving it's not one single shot.

And there are no advantages without disadvantages, by equipping this augment, you will lose the ability to shoot 3 times! You will only be given 2 chances to shoot per reload, but the reload time will be decreased significantly.

Dragons breath~

With this augment, you will acquire an additional ability, specifically the heating ability from the Firebird. This augment will grant you a short but reasonable amount of burning effect after each shot you make on your opponent. However, it follows a strict condition, that is, by using this augment, you accept to increase your clip reload by 15%.


This augment allows you to easily shoot players located at a far distance. On equipping it, the pellet spread from each recoil are made closer by 50%. But on the other side, your turret's rotation speed will be reduced by 30%. Nevertheless, it's actually not a great deal when compared to the huge advantage it gives, as you can now maintain a decent distance from your opponents while dealing a cool amount of damage to them.

High-capacity ammo clip~

This augment provides a permanently fixed amount of 5 recoils per reload. In other words, 2 extra shots are added on top of the original one, which is 3. This means you can now shoot 5 projectiles on every full reload, but at the same time, the reload time is increased by 15% and you will have to wait for more time in order to fully reload your turret.

Adaptive reload~

"Adrenaline" Augment

The Adrenaline augment is the second augment for Gauss. This augment increases your turret's damage when your tank's health points are decreased. The lower health points you have, the higher the damage your turret will inflict upon enemies. When playing with this augment, you will want to find a nice, secure place in which you might take a bit of damage, but won't get eliminated often, in order to find the best amount of success. It is also recommended to use Hornet (specifically for its Overdrive) so that you can get the best results.

This augment provides you with an advantage to instantly refill your current reload after destroying an enemy. With enough luck, you can pump out kills at very high efficiency. Because, if without this augment, you'll have to contend with no ammunition for a bit of time until the turret is fully reloaded. And moreover, your reload time will be increased here as well, but only by 10%.

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