What Is Parkour Mode?

Hello readers! How are you? In today's article we will discuss Parkour mode, a very exceptional mode in Tanki Online. We will try to answer all your questions in this article. We will tell you everything about this fabulous mode and it’s unique features. Let's get started!
Parkour mode is a unique mode in Tanki Online. This mode allows you to fly, reach the tops of buildings and houses of the game. Parkour gives you a free recourse to your creativity. What is the limit of this mode? There is none! The only limit is your imagination!

General description

Parkour mode is a mode where you can do what you want, this mode lets you express your creativity which is limitless. Parkour mode applies to all maps without exceptions. In general, players use this mode only to conquer buildings or houses. This mode also allows you to use your supplies as you wish, without any cooldown delay. When you are in flight you do not self-destruct, of course, the only way to self-destruct is to press the self-destruct button voluntarily or you can as well get self destructed by the anti-cheat system. Parkour is a mode where only your creativity matters. As to reach the top of the roofs you need to be creative, organized and methodical. Kills and death in this mode actually affect your overall KD. But, killing someone in this mode will give you absolutely nothing, no experience, no crystals. This mode is also used by a lot of players, just to chill inside the map and talk, so multing/sabotage there does not exist and therefore you can't be banned for messing around in parkour. On top of that, the battles are still moderated, breaking rules (hacks) on the game inside theses battles, private or public will lead to punishment.

Here are some videos on things you can do in this mode with a few other players: Click here for a parkour video.

Parkour solo: The 'One Man Parkour (OMP)' is a type of Parkour which is much more difficult than team parkour! This is because it consists of going up alone on the roofs of houses or other types of physical elements of the map. The tricks are totally done alone without any help from any other tanker. Your originality and timing will make you succeed or fail. The most used tank in OMP is wasp for its speed and agility. Click here if you want a demo of what OMP looks like.

How do you make a parkour battle?

-The tools you need

-How to have the perfect battle settings for a parkour map

To create a map in Parkour mode you must have the Pro Battle Pass otherwise you will not have the ability to create a map in Parkour mode or even other formats! Here are some pictures below demonstrating what to do:

The Pro Battle Pass is handy to have for this game because it allows having access to several battles noted "Pro". This Pro battle pass also allows you to create private battles.

In addition, it will allow you to have more battles with different configurations! Compared to other battles without the Pro Pass where the standard configuration may not be to your liking.

You can also enter in pro battles by joining a clan tag in the game, however you have to be at least Private rank in your clan tag in order to enter in these battles but you cannot create your own pro battles without the pass, this clan bonus only allows you to join them.

But once you have bought the Pro Pass you can now create a map in parkour mode! Here is the perfect setup for this mode.

Is there any parkour guide available? Tips and Tricks

You can watch tutorials that will teach you how to perform good tricks in Parkour mode. There are some videos which offer fantastic guides, and incredible parkour tricks such as this one:

If you want more specific parkour tutorials and tricks, go on YouTube and search for Tanki Parkour Tutorials and a whole list will pop up.

Parkour is not a rules less battle mode! Rules do still exist there.

By creating this mode you need to know this:

You must remove "Smart Supplies" so supplies can be used at the same time without waiting. They will be available at any time and mines can be deployed very quickly without stop.

Players do not receive points by destroying enemy tanks, capturing flags, or controlling capture points.

Gold boxes can only be dropped by a player, so there is no chance that a Gold box falls by itself by the system. Moreover you will never see a black box falling on a pro battle map.

Missions can not be completed. 

Self-destruction in areas will not be performed on the roofs of the houses and buildings included in the map except when you jump into the void or press the "Delete" / "Delete" key.

On top of that, you can also read this article: Parkour Clubs. This is where you can read more about forming a parkour club, what a parkour club is and more details about current parkour clubs. You can check out the current parkour clubs and maybe learn a thing or two from then.

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