Challenges, Battle Pass and Tanki Wars.

Every month, a new challenge is introduced in Tanki. In these challenges, tankers have the opportunity to earn supplies, gold boxes, crystals, shot affects, skins and much more! 

Some general FAQ's about challenges, battle pass and tanki wars.

How do I check my tanki war progress?

Currently, there are no wars ongoing.

What are stars?

- Stars are something you can obtain by completing battles. The more stars you have, the more rewards you can unlock. At 3000 stars, you have completed the challenge and obtained all the rewards. 

Can you explain how to earn stars?

- You can also earn stars by completing Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, Special Missions and by opening Weekly Containers.

- You can buy stars by Tankoins in the Shop.

If I buy premium account will I get more stars?

How do I double stars?

- If you have a premium account, the amount of stars you earned in that game will double when the battle finishes. 

How do I purchase the battle pass?

1. Click the stars icon located on the top right of your HUD.

2. Click 'buy battle pass'.

3. Purchase the battle pass for 500 tankoins. If you do not have 500 tankoins, you can buy tankoins from the shop.

How do I unlock the rewards from the gold tier? 

- In order to unlock rewards from the gold tier, you must purchase the battle pass.  

If I buy the battle pass halfway through the challenge, or at the end of the challenge once stars are completed, will I still get the gold tier rewards?

- Yes. You can buy the battle pass at any point that the challenge is ongoing and you will receive all the rewards you have missed. 

What should I do if I completed the tier and I haven't gotten my reward? 

1. Reload/Refresh Tanki.

If that does not work;

2. Fill out this form.

What do I do if I completed the battle and I got no stars?

1. Either your score was below 70 so you did not receive any stars. 

2. It is just a visual bug but the stars have actually been added.

Since there are 2 star challenges in a month now, do I need to buy the battle pass 2 times? 

Yes, you will need to buy a new battle pass for each challenge. There will be 2 challenges a month.

The price of the battle pass remain the same, at 500 tankoins. 

It's the middle of the month, why can't I earn stars right now?

In between the 2 challenges, there will be a 24 hour break. Most likely since you can't earn stars, there is a break going on before the next challenge starts. 

How many stars do I need to earn in the challenge?

The challenge will contain 50 tiers. You will need to get 3000 stars to reach tier 50. 

I bought the battle pass but it went away and it's only the middle of the month. What happened?

Unfortunately the battle pass is gone. With the current challenges system, there will be 2 challenges a month. The first challenge of the month will be in the first half of the month, and the second challenge of the month will be in the second half of the month. You most likely bought the battle pass with only a few days left in the first challenge of the month. This is why it went away when the second challenge of the month started.

Please note you need to buy 2 separate battle passes to take part in the 2 separate challenges per month. 

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