Tankoins were added to the game on August 2nd. Tankoins can be purchased for money from the Shop, and is the primary means for buying goods in the Shop.

How it works

Purchasing and spending Tankoins is super easy.

You can simply buy them for real money in the Shop and use them to buy a number of different items including crystals, gold boxes, containers and more. For a full guide on how to buy stuff using Tankoins, please check out this article.

However, the only things you will NOT be able to purchase with Tankoins are Premium and various bundles that are sold exclusively for real-money.

How to obtain Tankoins?

Tankoins can be obtained in several ways.


The easiest and quickest way to obtain Tankoins is to buy them from the Shop. They are currently priced as follows:

400x Tankoins: 3.99 USD

820x Tankoins: 7.99 USD

1700x Tankoins: 15.99 USD

4300x Tankoins: 39.99 USD

8800x Tankoins: 79.99 USD

18000x Tankoins: 159.99 USD


    You can buy Coinboxes and get some Tankoins from it. The amount of Tankoins you can get from opening Coinboxes are:

    • 1 tankoin
    • 10 tankoins
    • 30 tankoins
    • 40 tankoins
    • 50 tankoins
    • 100 tankoins
    • 200 tankoins
    • 300 tankoins
    • 500 tankoins
    • 1 000 tankoins
    • 2 000 tankoins
    • 3 000 tankoins
    • 100 000 tankoins

    You can also get Coinboxes from Ultra Containers.

    Weekly Containers~

    Three (x3) Tankoins are dropped out from opening every new Weekly Container. This amount is constant for all ranks.


    Tankoins are also obtainable from Challenges since September 2019. You can gain a handful of Tankoins every challenge.


    The administration regularly organizes contests where you could take part and win Tankoins alongside prizes. Follow the news!

    Purchasing Tankoins through different payment methods

    Special Bundles!~

    The shop now features special bundles which allow the user to obtain tankoins over a period of time. Such as the daily tankoin pass (image below).

    Got payment issues? Check Failed Payment Transaction.

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