TankiOnline Mobile - Everything To Know (Android)

The mobile version of Tanki Online has finally been released worldwide on Android. This means you can enjoy fast and adrenaline-fuelled battles with all of your friends (and enemies), no matter where you are in the world.

We’ve designed TO Mobile to run even on the most affordable mobile devices.
Thousands of players have already downloaded the app and are waiting for you to join them right now.
Stuck in a boring commute? Downtime between lessons? Just grab your phone, jump into the cockpit of your tank and enjoy a quick battle!
Download the app from the Google Play Store and blast into action right away
Get Tanki Online Mobile here. 

Note:  IOS version is planned but release date hasn't been announced yet.



When staring you will have a default control which makes it possible to keep firing your turret while rotating it, without releasing the fire button. This new setting can be enabled in the Settings window. For new accounts, it will be on by default and if you hate the feature you can still change it in your in game settings.

    System Requirements

    • Android version of 5.0 or higher
    • Required amount of free memory for installation: 25 MB;
    • Minimum required RAM: 1 GB;
    • Processor core(s) operating frequency: 1 GHz or higher.

    What if the "not available for your device" error shows up on the download screen?

    Most likely, your device does not meet the minimum system requirements, or it has known problems due to the features of the operating system's configuration and hardware, which don't allow it to operate TO Mobile. You can try installing the latest system updates or updating the entire firmware for your device (at your own risk).

    Resources Download Error

    We also have good news for players who were affected by the resources download error! A new fix was just released for the Mobile version, and to make sure your app is properly updated we recommend to do the following:

    - Go to your device's Settings

    -Find the "Apps" settings

    - Find Tanki Online

    - Navigate to "Storage"

    - Choose "Clear Cache"
    - Delete the TO Mobile App
    - Download the app again

    This should fix the error and get you back in action in the comfort of a portable device.

    Promo Codes

    Promo codes are unique items that can not be purchased, but rather are given out to players via giveaways, contests, events, and more. Each one contains a small number of miscellaneous items, typically including crystals and containers. For more information regarding promo codes, please read this article.

    *NOTE: Promo codes, unfortunately, can NOT be redeemed on the Mobile version of the game. If you receive one of these codes, please use either the HTML5 or Flash versions of the game to claim your rewards!*

    If you're suffering from any issues, try restarting the application and/or your phone. If the issue keeps persisting, please report the matter to the Tech Support - How to write to TechSupport?

    TankiOnline Mobile is constantly receiving updates to keep the game performance up to its peak, introduce new game features and regular small additions. To keep up with the changes added to TO mobile, we recommend following the forum topic: Release notes for TO Mobile

    You may also check out our full detailed guide on TO mobile and it's aspects on our official wiki page: TankiOnline Mobile

    For more technical side of things or just queries, do consider the things mentioned above or creating a new topic

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