Spectator Mode

Spectator mode is a powerful instrument for moderating the Game, organizing eSport streams and to take cool shots for video making by YouTubers. It allows the user to enter any battle (independent of the rank and free slots in the battle) in free-camera mode. The Spectator does not have a tank on the battlefield and cannot change the outcome of the battle in any way, but can freely move around the map (including movement through textures).

What are the abilities that the Spectator Mode offers?

At the moment, Spectator mode gives the following abilities:

Free movement of the camera around the whole map
Various methods of camera movement on the map, adjustable camera speed
Ability to create key points anywhere on the map and moving the camera between them
Ability to follow any tank by binding the camera to it
Seeing the health of all players on the battlefield
Seeing the chats of all teams (and, generally, of all players) on the battlefield
Ability to write in the chat with the tag [Spectator] (Except for Spectator accounts which are given for YouTube video making purposes)

Image from a Spectator View

How to receive the Spectator Mode?

It's possible to get Spectator mode in the following ways:

Becoming a Chat Moderator, Battles' ModeratoreSport Helper, Rent A Spectator, RU Content Helper or an Event Organizer and using Spectator mode for working duties.

Creating gameplay videos, video guides or "Let's play Tanki Online" videos on a professional level
Being a professional video maker and applying for Spectator to help produce even more high-quality videos. Applications are here: Spectator Applications (Currently not open)

Participating in the "Youtuber TO" program and receiving Spectator if you have an amount of 8000 subscribers or higher.

Leading a Parkour club that regularly produces quality content and receiving Spectator as part of the Parkour Clubs Support to help make professional videos.

A list of people who are the masters of video shooting and help others record cool spectator footages are members of the Rent a Spec team. The List can be found HERE.

They also receive a special paint called Spectator to represent their ability and talent of mastering videos. 

How to use spectator like features without having spectator?

With the help of changing your camera angle, you can still capture great photos and even record some great videos. Here we will show you how. 

1. Enter a battle
2. Drive your tank to a place from where you want to spectate
3. Press Ctrl + Shift + K
4. Type vars.set cam_maxmove 0
5. Press Ctrl + Shift + K or escape
6. Drive your tank away from screen.

7. Press E and Q to make the angle go up or down. 

And after you're done, get back to the normal camera by following these steps:

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + K
2. Type vars.set cam_maxmove 5
3. Press Ctrl + Shift + K or escape.

    Please note: In the field "vars.set cam_maxmove 0" the maxmove 0 can be altered to change the speed of the camera. At maxmove 0, the camera angle is still. But, you can play around with the settings. For example, if you put maxmove 0.2, the camera angle will move slightly as you drive your tank. Be creative! 

    Video explanation. 

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