Information About The Chat

Types of chat~

There are two chats in Tanki Online: the lobby chat and the battle chat.

The first type of chat (the lobby chat) is available when a player is looking through the battle list or their garage. Messages sent in it can be seen by all players that are on the server at the moment. You may sometimes notice that your words are covered in red. This indicates that the anti-flood system is preventing you from sending the message until all the red has disappeared. So if you type too quickly, or paste something into the chat, you'll often notice this.

It is also possible to write a message addressing a specific player by entering the desired player's nickname with a colon directly after it, followed by the message you wish to send. If anyone sends you a message using the aforementioned method, you will see a highlighted message, indicating someone is trying to talk to you.

The second type of chat is only accessible - as the name might have spoiled - during a battle. It is activated by pressing Enter. In Death Matches, sent messages will be visible to everyone in the battle. In case of team battles (TDM, CTF, CP) a player can either write a message visible to everyone or only to his/her team. To switch between these 2 modes press the Tab key while the battle chat is open.

Defenders of the chat~

Sometimes you may see a player with a small question mark icon by their name. These players are Chat Moderators, and depending on whether their icon is bronze, silver, or gold, then respectively they are a Candidate Chat Moderator, Chat Moderator or Chat Administrator. An example of the icons is shown below:

Chat Moderator Candidates:  


Chat Moderators:  


Chat Administrators:  


Chat commands~

Several actions can be done by entering the following commands in the game’s chat.

Ignore commands:

/block Nickname — Blocks messages from the player (works everywhere).
/unblock Nickname — Resumes receiving messages from the player (works everywhere).
/blocklist — Shows the list of blocked players (works only in the general chat).
/unblockall — Clears the list of blocked players (works only in the general chat).

Note: Clearing cache also clears your blocklist.

Link commands:

Typing the following commands in a chat message will create a link to the respective location.

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