Keyboards: From QWERTZ to QWERTY

Does your keyboard have the "QWERTZ" layout? If so, you may find serious issues while playing Tanki Online! If you have such a keyboard, gameplay will be impossible due to the "Z" key being located so far away from the "X" key, both of which are required in order to smoothly operate your turret. Though luckily for those who suffer from this issue, it's possible to change the QWERTZ keyboard layout to the QWERTY layout easily using your operating system's control panel.

For Windows users:

If you're running Windows Vista, open the control panel and select "Change Keyboards or Other Input Methods" under "Clock, Language and Region." Click the "Change Keyboards" button. Click "Add" and check "English" > "Keyboard" > "US." Press "OK." Set the default language to "English (United States) - US," and remove the German/Qwertz keyboard layout. Other versions of Windows follow the same steps, except that the keyboard settings are found under "Regional and Language Options" in XP, and "Keyboard" in prior versions.

For Mac OS X users:

If you use Mac OS X, choose "System Preferences" from the dock, click the "International" icon, and choose "US" under the "Input Menu" tab. Uncheck "German" or whatever language you had selected previously if you do not wish to be able to switch between the two. For older Macs, you can follow the same steps after opening "Control Panels" under the Apple Menu and selecting "Keyboard."

For Linux users:

If you're a Linux user, you have multiple ways to change keyboard layouts, depending on your desktop environment. A simple solution that will work for all XWindows users is to run the command "setxkbmap us" in a terminal.

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