What are Missions?

Daily Missions~

The Daily Missions feature allows you to earn in-game rewards for completing daily assignments.

Please note that completing missions is only possible if there are opponents in a battle: other players in DM or opposite team players in CTF, TDM, CP, ASL, RGB and Siege.

Every day, upon first entering the game, you will be presented with a window containing the 3 missions you should perform to earn your in-game rewards. You can only complete up to 3 missions per day.

Any missions that you do not complete on the day, will be re-assigned the next day. A mission is only considered completed after you have clicked the "Claim Reward" button.

You can check your progress on the "Missions" screen.

Changing Daily Missions:

Your current missions can be exchanged for new ones. You can exchange one mission for free once a day, and for a number of crystals any number of times after that.

A mission always gets replaced with a mission of a different type. The price for exchanging a mission is equal to half of the crystal reward you would get for completing it at your current rank.


Prizes for completing missions are generated randomly.

Completing missions will earn you either Crystals or some supplies (one or two types), and Stars. The amount of supplies or Crystals depend on your Rank. Rare rewards include Gold Box Supplies (available from Warrant Officer 1).

Types of Daily Missions:

1. Earn experience

Mission 1.png

Goal: Player needs to earn a specific number of experience points.
Description: "Earn experience in battles".

2. Win battles

Goal: Player needs to finish in the top three places on the winning team in any battle mode or map. This includes being the top three in a DM battle. Description: "Take one of the top three places in the winner's team".

3. Earn experience in a mode

Mission 4.png

Goal: Player needs to earn a number of experience points on any map, but in a specific battle mode.
Description: "Earn experience in CTF mode" (Any battle mode possible).

4. Destroy enemies / Capture flags or points

Mission 5.png

Goal: Player needs to perform a specific number of one of the following actions:

  • Capturing flags in CTF
  • Capturing points in CP
  • Destroying enemies in TDM
  • Destroying enemies in DM

CTF description: "Deliver flags".
TDM/DM description: "Destroy enemies".
CP description: "Capture points".

5. Catch boxes

Mission 6.png

Goal: Player needs to collect a specific number of specific supply boxes.
Description: "Collect First Aid boxes (Any supply possible).

6. Earn Crystals

Goal: Player needs to earn a specific number of crystals
Description: "Earn crystals in battles".

7. Earn Crystals in a specific mode

Goal: Player needs to earn a number of crystals on any map, but in a specific battle mode.
: "Earn crystals in CTF mode" (Any battle mode possible).

Weekly Missions~

Upon the first entry into the game for the current week, a player will receive 3 weekly missions in addition to their daily ones.

The 3 Weekly Missions and their rewards/requirements are displayed below:

1st Weekly Mission: This mission will be one of the types of daily missions, but with increased difficulty.

x1 Container

Container preview.png

x1 Weekly Container

Container weekly preview.png

x100 Stars

2nd Weekly Mission: Complete 10 Daily Missions.

x1 Containers

Container preview.png

x2 Weekly Container

Container weekly preview.png

x150 Stars

3rd Weekly Mission: Complete 20 Daily Missions. Note that the progress of the previous weekly mission (i.e complete 10 daily missions) will still count towards completing this mission.

x1 Container

Container preview.png

x3 Weekly Container

Container weekly preview.png

x200 Stars

These 3 special weekly missions must be completed within 7 days of receiving them. Weekly Missions that you did not have time to complete in the allocated time are re-assigned to the next week. If you complete 1 or 2 Weekly Mission but not the other(s), these 1 or 2 that you completed will be replaced with new Weekly Missions in the following week when these missions are re-assigned. Weekly Missions cannot be changed.

Special Missions~

The newest addition to the Missions tab are "Special Missions." The most important thing to note about this type of missions is that they are only available in the HTML5 and Mobile versions of the game (NOT on the Flash client).

These missions often take much longer than Daily Missions (and even occasionally Weekly Missions) to complete, but the rewards are almost always much higher, and worth the time and effort invested. These missions can have a variety of rewards, including crystals, supplies, stars, gold boxes, and even containers.

Special Missions can be broken into two groups - Always-Available and Holiday-Exclusives.


These Special Missions can be completed at any time, and on any day, and usually have lower rewards than Holiday-Exclusive Special Missions. As of right now, there are only two missions that can fit into this category:

NOTE: This mission is only available for completion once per day, and the rewards are only available to users with Premium account.

This mission always rewards you with a set number of crystals, based on the rank you are achieving next. You can see the list of rewards based on rank here.


These Special Missions typically come out with the variety of festivities throughout the year. These particular missions are often quite difficult to complete, but have very good rewards. One thing to note is that missions that fit into this category are ONLY available for the duration of the festivities, and disappear at the end of the festivities (if you complete one of these missions, and you forget to claim the reward for it before the holiday festivities end, then your rewards will also disappear).

Here are some examples of Special Missions that fit into this category:


Challenges are time-limited events similar to "Star Week", with which many tankers are already familiar. Basically, Challenges are events which give you rewards for the number of Stars (a special resource exclusive to these kinds of events) earned in battles.

A Challenge consists of many stages (or "Tiers" or "Levels"), and each stage brings you additional and better rewards. To complete stages, you need Stars, which are earned exclusively during these kind of “star events” in Matchmaking battles. Read out official wiki page on challenges for more information.

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